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Another welcoming into Soop's kitchen for those who care to share...

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soop Wed 31-Jan-24 12:53:07

WELCOME! The buffet is ready and there is coffee, tea and wine for the sharing of. Make yourselves comfortable. I shall now have my lunch and join you later. smile flowers

Grandmabatty Wed 31-Jan-24 13:07:09

Good afternoon kitcheners and Soop. I'll bring warming lentil soup for everyone and crusty bread and butter to go with it. The weather here is atrocious. Brook I'm very envious of your warm sunshine. Localised flooding means no visit to mum this afternoon, so I'll hunker down and knit. I have tidied up, hoovered and cleared out more dishes that I no longer use. This afternoon is for relaxing. Take care all

Knitandnatter Wed 31-Jan-24 13:10:34

Good afternoon everyone! Mr K has just made a pot of tea so do partake but bring your own cups smile
It is breezy and cold here following a frosty start this morning,
After having this welcome cuppa I plan to do the ironing whilst waiting for the double glazing man to call.

Pittcity Wed 31-Jan-24 13:37:36

Found you!
I've just come in from the cold and could do with a cuppa.

soop Wed 31-Jan-24 13:45:59

A very warm welcome Knitandnatter

Naughtyneine Wed 31-Jan-24 13:57:11

Ooh I'm early in the new kitchen...I come bearing a mandarin orange roulade... I'll be back later. I'm off to the Avon ladies coffee and chat. I won the £60 spend but have no idea what I'm going to choose.

Knitandnatter Wed 31-Jan-24 14:19:16


A very warm welcome Knitandnatter

Thank you Soop.........and the ironing is now done smile.\And congratulations Naughtyneine, I am sure you will find something lovely to spend your £60 on!

Grandmachrisy47 Wed 31-Jan-24 14:26:15

Thank you, Soop for our new kitchen.

AGAA4 Wed 31-Jan-24 14:28:11

I don't visit the kitchen very often but as my daughter has just baked banana bread I will nab some and bring it along.

Doodle Wed 31-Jan-24 14:44:08

Another who doesn’t visit often but does read. Thanks Soop for another warm and welcoming kitchen.
A slice of your banana bread please AGA if you don’t mind. It looks delicious. Please help yourself to some Tunnocks caramel wafers. The dark chocolate ones being my current indulgence.
I expect Urms might be along later so a wave and a hug from me.
Take care all. I’m going for a nap in the corner by the fire.

Grannmarie Wed 31-Jan-24 14:49:15

Good afternoon, Soop and lovely Kitchen people, happy new kitchen!As usual, it is cosy and comfortable, most welcome on this wild, wet and windy day. 🥰

I come bearing home baking from the Coffee Morning, and my very best wishes to all Kitchen folk.
Delighted to read the good news about Dustyangel's DH, and about Neine's hip!
Sorry ,I must love you and leave you, I'm heading an hour up the motorway ( in Grandmabatty's general direction) to babysit DGD as her Mum, Dad and brother are heading to Glasgow this evening to see Depeche Mode.
Otherwise I would be battening down the hatches and reading on the sofa!

Septimia Wed 31-Jan-24 14:51:58

Thank you, Soop. I'm pleased to come in from the cold, rain and wind. It's very rough here so I hope all those in the wind warning areas are well battened down.

Grandmabatty Wed 31-Jan-24 14:52:24

Grannmarie lots of surface water and flooding. Take care and have fun with your dgd. I'm about to have some homemade banana bread too

Grandmabatty Wed 31-Jan-24 14:53:19

The banana bread reference was for AGA

Ladyleftfieldlover Wed 31-Jan-24 14:55:31

What a lovely new kitchen. You are welcome to share the raspberry ruffle chocolates I’m nibbling as I relax on the sofa. I should have gone to my stained glass course but I felt rather under the weather this morning. So, I’m snuggled under a blanket with a couple of cats, eating chocolates and reading.

AGAA4 Wed 31-Jan-24 14:59:09

I think I've put on a pound or two just reading about all this delicious food.

sweetcakes Wed 31-Jan-24 15:01:39

First time I've been here but I have a homemade fruit cake and coffee to bring if I'm allowed.

Oopsadaisy1 Wed 31-Jan-24 15:18:18

I’ve just bought some Lyme Regis local chutneys along with freshly baked bread and some Dorset Brie and local butter also some spinach and ricotta pies fresh from the oven ( not my oven).

It’s a one off as we are going home on Saturday and we have lots of food to get through, ‘ without me buying more’.

Enjoy, there’s plenty to go around.

Jaxjacky Wed 31-Jan-24 15:34:36

Welcome sweetcakes no allowed about it, I’ll shove up and make space.
I’m not a baker and have a minimal sweet tooth, so I’ve popped poppy seed crackers, parmesan crisps and dips on the side.
Thanks soop.

Blossoming Wed 31-Jan-24 15:42:40

Good afternoon all, thank you Soop for giving us this lovely safe and cosy place. The weather is atrocious here too so lentil soup is most welcome Grandmabatty. Welcome Sweetcakes, all are welcome here and cake is always appreciated.

sweetcakes Wed 31-Jan-24 15:49:37

Thank you for the welcome and what you have bought to the table sounds delicious 😋
Thank you too.

Thorntrees Wed 31-Jan-24 16:34:56

Another new kitchen- how lovely.
Just an occasional poster but have just made some oat and raisin cookies so thought I would share them.
A cold dull day here but managed a walk and tea now in the oven - steak pie,new potatoes and veg followed by strawberries,meringue and yogurt.
Hope everyone has a peaceful evening.

Yiayia4 Wed 31-Jan-24 17:11:08

Hello sparkling new kitchen.Chocolate cupcakes for everyone.

DGS failed is driving test this afternoon.He’s quite upset but can put in for another test in 10 days.As a gran and being selfish,its something less to worry about.
It’s been an exciting day here.A film company are keen to use our apartment for a tv series.They had a look around so we will see what happens.

Enjoy your babysitting Grandmarie.
Have a good evening Kitcheners and keep safe.

HelterSkelter1 Wed 31-Jan-24 17:17:30

I can't stop but have looked through the window at you all and it all looks very cosy. The coal fire looks so welcoming and the little side lights now it's getting dusky are just right. Will stop by later in the week.

kittylester Wed 31-Jan-24 17:26:39

What a fabulous new kitchen. I haven't made anything but you should all be very relieved about that.

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