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Christmas gifts for friends

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ChrisCross Tue 21-Nov-17 18:17:07

My two best chums and me have become grandmothers recently. As such we pondered whether or not to stop Christmas gifts for each other and just "do" birthdays as we now have to buy for the GC. We quite enjoy our annual pre-Xmas lunch and gifts so finally agreed to limit the spend to £15 maximum. I was hoping to find something more original than scented candles, hand cream etc which might cost more than that anyway! Any bright ideas anyone?

silverlining48 Tue 21-Nov-17 18:23:42

Congratulations. There are a number of books about being a grandparent, some informative, some more lighthearted. As you aRe all new grandparents might be worth a look.

suzied Tue 21-Nov-17 18:52:55

You could do a “tackiest gift” . Tacky gifts can be- anything from Anne Summers, plastic bubble blowing Santa’s playing music that sort of thing. Always good for a laugh. Maybe lower the price to £10. Or make it “has to bought from a charity shop for under a fiver”, you can always give back to said shop. Other than that, don’t bother with gifts and spend the £15 on wine and cocktails and a lovely lunch!

jusnoneed Tue 21-Nov-17 18:58:33

Do they wear jewellery? Try looking on Etsy where you can buy one off pieces, I have a friend who uses it to sell her handmade glass beads (which she makes herself) some of which she makes into earrings, pendants etc and start around £12. There are lots of sellers on there.

WilmaKnickersfit Tue 21-Nov-17 19:03:53

I know this isn't a gift, but my best friend and I decided to go to the panto every year instead of buying gifts. We've got quite a selection of sparkly things to wave during the show! grin

NotAGran55 Tue 21-Nov-17 19:21:42

I would buy them all the same - a book called Let It Go - the memoirs of the amazing Dame Stephanie Shirley .
A ' must read ' for all women .

M0nica Tue 21-Nov-17 22:11:21

Why not limit it further and say the gift has to be bought in £land.

BlueBelle Tue 21-Nov-17 22:54:53

I bought my friends Christmas cactus last year one just rang to say how beautiful it is at the moment ( second time round) I think it might be an amyrillis this year ( thankfully all my friends love plants and flowers and gardens ) around
£5 is my norm for friends

Humbertbear Wed 22-Nov-17 08:21:26

Could you make them something? My mother recently asked me to make her some lemon curd. I paint and every year I use an online company to produce a calendar of my paintings which I give as presents. Some people also get paintings.

Humbertbear Wed 22-Nov-17 08:23:40

And another thought. I am sending my sister a bouquet of flowers. I think Bluebelle has the right idea. How about an orchid? They survive for years .

ChrisCross Wed 22-Nov-17 09:52:00

Thank you for all your ideas. I will mull them over - I quite like the idea of spending the £15 on a more sumptuous lunch. 🍾🍾🍾 However on Friday - i.e. Black Friday this week, I'm going to brave the shops to try and snap up a few Xmas bargains. That is, if I can face it once Friday comes!

Shazmo24 Wed 22-Nov-17 10:25:34

How about making some nice fudge/biscuits etc People always love homemade things

sarahellenwhitney Wed 22-Nov-17 10:32:40

Once you start something then unless there is a mutual agreement to discontinue it then this is something that can only be solved by discussing it between yourself and the other parties.
I hesitate to suggest gifts or lunches as you already do this
You appear to have answered your own question by your black friday idea.

Pinkshoes26 Wed 22-Nov-17 10:40:11

I craft all year for friends, family and raffles I sew and knit for my pleasure then often bless it to other homes as gifts.

sandelf Wed 22-Nov-17 11:06:28

Things I've been given - a ball of elastic bands - fun and surprisingly useful, fur edged washing up gloves - what a hoot, etc - think tasteless I reckon!

nellgwin Wed 22-Nov-17 12:11:02

My friends and I spend only 5 Euros each and make it as a lucky dip.This year so far I have bought a dog tap measure, pull the tongue and out comes the tape, a battery operated handheld fan, it gets hot here, a beautiful fan chocolates, still looking for the last gift.
We are all having Christmas lunch at a restaurant then back to mine to Dip into the Christmas tub. last year I got a pair of crotchless knickers, not tried them yet! Oh, we also buy for the husbands, cant say here what they got very rude!

grandtanteJE65 Wed 22-Nov-17 12:34:44

If you enjoy baking, make them a cake or some scones or mince pies.

Give them a home made gift token for lunch, dinner or whatever at your place, either together or separately.

sweetcakes Wed 22-Nov-17 12:52:26

Dobbies the garden centre has loads of reasonable priced gifts jewellery included

angie95 Wed 22-Nov-17 16:22:46

How about baking mince pies, or small Christmas cakes, then wrapping them in fancy boxes,? X

Diggingdoris Wed 22-Nov-17 16:24:11

I meet several friends for a meal before Xmas and we do a secret Santa for about £10. Some of the gifts I have pulled out of the sack in recent years are:- Laptray, Xmas songs CD, jar of peaches in brandy(yum), photo album, just to name a few. Garden centres do have some unusual things. Good luck.

f77ms Wed 22-Nov-17 16:48:40

Several years ago our large and getting larger family decided to only buy presents for the children (under 18`s) It was a bit strange the first year but now I think it was the best decision we ever made . Christmas is no longer a nightmare of shopping trying to find interesting presents for everyone . I would suggest you spend the money you save on either another lunch out or spoil yourselves on the lunch you have arranged . I give an amount to Shelter each |December from the money I don`t spend , there are so many worthy causes to give to .

SussexGirl60 Wed 22-Nov-17 17:13:06

I do give a present to a very old friend of mine but not to others. We only spend a few pounds on each other...I really don’t get this spending loads of money...I think it’s just fun to open up a little something. So,maybe some nice chocolate, or a bottle of wine, a plant/bulbs, nice jar of chutney or jam, olives..or similar little luxury. Maybe I’m just mean😅but I don’t see that there’s anything wrong with giving people small gifts.

sunnygirl Wed 22-Nov-17 17:53:35

Hi all
New to the site,not sure if I’ve posted in the right place!!
Looking forward to joining in the discussions and getting to know you all 🌞

ruthiek Wed 22-Nov-17 20:30:29

One of those money boxes for adults like a treat fund and then all of you Save for a special weekend

jasonstanley77 Thu 01-Feb-18 10:50:36

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