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Why is it such a 'thing' to make Christmas puds so far in advance?

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Witzend Wed 27-Dec-17 13:15:27

Can't help wondering, since for years I've made mine shortly before Christmas - barely 12 days before this time, and although it's a traditional old GH recipe (with brown ale, no spirits) it's never so dense, dark and heavy as the ones I remember in the past, both shop and home made.

Even people who don't usually like Christmas pud, usually like mine. We were at dd's this year and she had a French friend to dinner. I emphasisied that she needn't feel obliged to have any, but she said she'd try it, so I gave her a tiny piece. She came back for a lot more, with lots of brandy butter!
Does anybody else make their relatively last minute?

Baggs Wed 27-Dec-17 14:24:03

Could it be because they keep well and in times before refridgerators this was useful because it was one part of the xmas feast that could be sorted early? And people have just got into the habit.

Fennel Wed 27-Dec-17 14:47:44

I haven't made one for ages, but used to make them in advance. Steamed.
I thought the idea was that the flavours and colours gradually matured over time. As with some rich fruit cakes.

chelseababy Wed 27-Dec-17 14:59:44

Stir up sunday was 26 November so only a month ahead of ghetto big day.