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grapefruit Thu 29-Nov-18 17:22:33

I got my Christmas wreath down from the loft and it looks more than a little sad and dishevelled. It certainly doesn't scream 'Joy', 'Peace' and or 'Hope'! tchgrin Does anyone have any lovely wreaths - if they're up already - that they can share a pic of? And then let me know where you got them from? Thank you!

Teetime Thu 29-Nov-18 17:47:46

Ah we always have a nice one but made up fresh at a local nursery. Picking it up next week. £25.

Willow500 Thu 29-Nov-18 19:54:59

Have you tried 'fluffing' it - something I've just heard you do with artificial trees. Put thin gloves on and fluff up all the branches by rubbing them all - no idea if it works but apparently is should. Add some dried orange slices, berries and nuts and maybe a few flowers. I haven't done mine yet.

LullyDully Thu 29-Nov-18 19:56:34

We live on a windy corner. A wreath doesn't stay on the door so I have given up!

Jalima1108 Thu 29-Nov-18 20:10:51

We've had ours for years and years, made by a friend of DH.
It has to come out every year and I freshen it up a bit with a few additions.

However, I'd love one made from fresh greenery every year. No chance. It has become a tradition.

Dried orange slices sounds like a good idea!

lemongrove Thu 29-Nov-18 23:58:35

A few blasts of the hairdyer does it good, removes any dust as well.Then pull out the bits of greenery that have gone flat.

Chewbacca Fri 30-Nov-18 00:56:07

You could make your own Christmas wreath. An old wire coat hanger, straightened out and coaxed into a circular shape; plenty of baubles that you thread onto the wire and interlace with tinsel if you want to plug any gaps. Close up the circle. Job done. Plenty of tutorials on you tube.

shysal Fri 30-Nov-18 09:26:50

As mentioned above dried fruit wreaths are popular to make or buy. I saw some in Notcutts a while ago but they are in other shops too. I shall drag out my old one again, can't justify the cost of a new one.

Craftycat Fri 30-Nov-18 11:19:52

I just buy a round ring filled with Oasis ( have had same one for 5 years now!) & then forage in garden for greenery, holly etc & do it myself. It always looks lovely but I don't put it up until decorations go up a couple of days before Christmas day.
There are always things in garden to add colour- this year all the summer bedding is still in bloom at the moment so I may even add some red geraniums unless we get a frost. Hydranga heads look wonderful when they have dried off & last for ages.

Witzend Sat 01-Dec-18 09:02:10

I just buy a fairly cheap fresh one, undecorated, and add a red ribbon and a few bits myself.
I'd like to think of making one, but fear it would look a mess since I'm not at all artistic.

I do however make a Christmassy arrangement in a newly polished copper bowl with oasis - lots of bits of greenery from the garden just shoved in, plus a candle - somehow it always manages to look very nice, and lasts well.

gillybob Sat 01-Dec-18 09:51:53

That’s beautiful shysal did you make it ?

Audrie57 Sat 01-Dec-18 13:08:15

All the garden centres usually sell wreaths and the likes, Morrison usually have a few as does M$ S and you could give it a bit of a suction with the brush that comes with the hoover use the nottle, it will collect the dust for you no proble,.
I have gave mine a way as it was bad when the wind was up I live on a cross roads and we get it all ways, so I gave that up as a bad job

kittylester Sat 01-Dec-18 14:20:52

Dd3's best friend is a florist who makes the most beautiful fresh ones which cost an awful lot of money. I have ordered one to support her for the last 3 years and she has refused to accept any money 'because I'm lovely'. blush Dilemma!

shysal Sat 01-Dec-18 16:57:19

gillybob, no I didn't make the wreath, just snipped the pictures from a Google search as examples. DD1 is making something similar though, using an Oasis ring a the base.

BBbevan Sat 01-Dec-18 17:56:16

I haven't made mine yet. I have a basic twisted willow base to which I add masses of green foliage, Holly, rosemary etc.I also have several large artichoke heads , from the garden,sprayed silver ( this year) and some artificial white berries and Christmas roses. Big silver bow on the top. I will probably make it next weekend. I much prefer a natural wreath. After all it is ' deck the halls with boughs of holly, not loads of plastic.
The orange wreath, up thread looks lovely and I bet smells nice

Billybob4491 Sat 01-Dec-18 18:20:04

Bought a tiny inexpensive wreath this year from Tiger just greenery with red berries, so if anyone decides to help themselves it wont break my heart!

Telly Thu 06-Dec-18 14:21:53

Our local garden centre is reducing them already. Decent one for £15. I think I am going to order one from The Great British Florist. They are £35 plus delivery. It's the delivery that I find a bit irritating!