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Gransnet's virtual Christmas party - everyone's invited

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LaraGransnet (GNHQ) Thu 06-Dec-18 15:30:19

We've dusted off the baubles, stocked up on bubbly and mince pies, and will be putting up the tree tomorrow. All in preparation for the annual online Gransnet Christmas Party. Although we may have to replenish the tins of chocolates (someone has demolished the lot 👀). tchwink

We know that for many reasons, some of you might be spending the festive season on your own, so if that's the case, or if you simply find a spare minute on the day and fancy popping in to celebrate, please do.

There'll be a welcome mulled wine from HQ, some cheesy Christmas jokes, and loads of good wishes from fellow gransnetters. tchsmile

EDIT: We've even got The Gransnet Playlist sorted thanks to your suggestions. So feel free to have this on high volume while you dance around the kitchen.

ninathenana Thu 06-Dec-18 15:55:05


Mapleleaf Thu 06-Dec-18 16:10:07

Sounds super. party

LaraGransnet (GNHQ) Thu 06-Dec-18 16:20:17

We’re definitely getting into the spirit at HQ. Reserve judgement on the decor - we’ve decided the tackier the better tchgrin Love to see pics of everyone else’s decor!

Brunette10 Thu 06-Dec-18 16:43:25

party - wonderful!

Buffybee Thu 06-Dec-18 17:10:01

Is that you in the Santa suit Lara? grin

annodomini Thu 06-Dec-18 17:13:39

Mmm! I can just about smell the mulled wine in anticipation!

DanniRae Thu 06-Dec-18 17:17:19

Oh, it sounds fantastic. I'll try and pop in partyparty

LaraGransnet (GNHQ) Thu 06-Dec-18 17:23:03

Buffybee It may as well be after all the Quality Streets I've been scoffing this week. tchgrin All in the name of research obviously. Not sure if my dance moves are quite as impressive but after a few mulled wines, who knows...?!

Marthjolly1 Thu 06-Dec-18 17:28:18

Oooh I do love a mulled wine. Thank you for the invite. I'm sure I'll be able to drop by. tchsmile

Rufus2 Fri 07-Dec-18 08:29:58

but after a few mulled wines, who knows
Lara; if we get more than "a few" we won't even notice, or care! tchgrin Lean on Buffy to bring lots of her Taquila "Surprises"; I can bring along some non-cheesy, non-Christmasy jokes! tchblush
Please save me a seat; hoping to be able to sit by then! Where is it and when?

Teetime Fri 07-Dec-18 09:31:38

I have nothing to wear! Must go shopping.

EllanVannin Fri 07-Dec-18 09:31:43

Sounds good to

MWinfield Fri 07-Dec-18 10:05:55

Great idea for people on their own, but where is HQ?


Noname Fri 07-Dec-18 10:21:45

Don’t think it really matters Marian, you can attend whoever you are! 🎅🏻🥂

Pittcity Fri 07-Dec-18 10:27:38

DH is in the garage now. I'll get him to get down the ancient box of tinsel.🤶🎅

grannysue05 Fri 07-Dec-18 10:46:50

Count me in.

mancgirl Fri 07-Dec-18 11:25:00

I was in charge of music and dancing last year. As we had so much fun please can I do it again?! tchsmile

vickya Fri 07-Dec-18 11:57:59

I love mince pies and make a very nice chocolate cake. I'll bring both.Thank you I'd love to come at some point in the day. So nice to to have to drive there. I can drink the mulled wine!

vickya Fri 07-Dec-18 11:58:48

Ooops. Nice NOT to have to drive. I haven't started on the wine yet, honest!

Bellanonna Fri 07-Dec-18 12:36:20

I’ll come too

Barmeyoldbat Fri 07-Dec-18 12:43:32

Will put on my best dress and Christmas earrings for the occasion. Look forward to the mulled wine and mince pies.

Patticake123 Fri 07-Dec-18 12:45:08

Just don’t let me near to the mince pies, I cannot resist. Do I need to dress up or will smart casual be OK?🌲🎄🤶🏻

LaraGransnet (GNHQ) Fri 07-Dec-18 13:07:20

Dress code is the glitzier the better. Basically as close to a Christmas decoration as possible. tchgrin
ooh, thank you vickya, your chocolate cake sounds delicious.
mancgirl - yes, great idea! Let us know what's on your playlist, maybe everyone can put in requests grin

vickya Fri 07-Dec-18 13:36:47

It's my mum's Sacher Torte type. She was Viennese.
6 oz of SR flour, caster sugar,butter and 3 eggs. If you want it bigger 4 eggs and 8 oz of the other ingredients. They weigh the same as the eggs. A gleich gewiecht cake.

Also cocoa , tot of rum, 3 tablespoons water. Bar of Bournville to ice it. Apricot jam.

Cream butter and sugar, add eggs one at a time with 2 oz flour(sifted). Stir the eggs and flour in. Sift in cocoa and add rum and water.
Bake in tin whose bottom comes out so you can get it out later, medium oven, 175 electric? 45 minutes and check with skewer if done. Is done when skewer is clean.
Slice in half when cool and put jam in middle and all over top and sides. Melt chocolate and pour all over. Serve with whipped cream.