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Santa.......Gender Neutral!!!!

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Chucky Mon 17-Dec-18 17:01:49

I was visiting my dear fil today when I noticed an article in his paper. I didn’t want to ignore him by reading the whole thing, but the gist was that Santa should be rebranded, either as a woman or ”GENDER NEUTRAL!! I was a bit taken back by this, as Santa, or “Saint Nicholas”*, as he was originally based on was male!!
My dd who was visiting with me has 2ds, my2dgs’s. She said that this is just the tip of the iceberg as all the toilets at the local school now are gender neutral. She had also read an item suggesting that all children should be treated the same with boys being educated on starting their “periods.” Apparently it will make it easier for any children who decide that they wish to identify with being the other sex!! Whilst I am all for woman’s rights I cannot understand how this is right? Boys do not have periods, just as girls do not have willys. What next, should all children dress the same until they decide what sex they wish to be? My daughter agrees with me and fears what sort of world her 2ds will grow up in!
AIBU to suggest that ”political correctness” has gone mad?

Cherrytree59 Mon 17-Dec-18 17:23:20

So long as 'They' has the the iconic white beard 🎅

Cherrytree59 Mon 17-Dec-18 17:24:49

Only only one 'the' required!

mcem Mon 17-Dec-18 17:25:16

Aaaaaaaagh! The discussion is less important to me than that done-to-death meaningless phrase!

TerriBull Mon 17-Dec-18 17:37:27

Chucky if you haven't clicked on every thread, you won't be aware, that there is one running concurrently with yours "Is this the 1st April?" that pretty much covers the same issues that you have raised here.