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How lucky I am! A Round Robin to you all!

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phoenix Tue 25-Dec-18 20:32:25

Hello people, just popped in briefly to tell you all about my Christmas, as I know you will be agog!

Well, Mr P excelled himself! You know that thing where you can have a star named after you?I

Not enough for Mr P! He actually underwent astronaut training, and took me to see it! shock

Of course, with a journey that long, we needed refreshments, so he hired a butler, some chap called Burrell, who apparently used to work for the late Diana, Princess of Wales. (A tad too familiar for my liking, but hey ho)

I was just thinking that things couldn't get much better, when he took me to an exclusive perfumier.

He had commissioned a new scent, made especially for me! It doesn't as yet have a name, but it has base notes of a load of old flannel, with a strong hint of merde du taurot (sp?).

If course, while we were gadding about, I did have concerns about the Christmas preparations, but I needn't have worried!

Mr P had it all in hand, the cleaning was taken care of by those 2 ladies who used to do "How Clean is Your House", the decorations were handled by Kirstie Allsop (I'll never get the pine cones and glitter out from the soft furnishings) which left the catering.

Well, David Attenborough had tipped us the wink about the last breeding pair of Dodos, so that was the main course sorted, and we knew we could rely on Delia (no need for surnames, is there tchwink) ) to sort the deserts!

I expect that you were wondering about Septimus and Jocasta! But wonder no more, Mr P had engaged that Supernanny woman to keep an eye on them, but really there was no need as they were both still totally focussed on their Brexit solutions, Theresa is relying on them both to help her out.

Oh well, must dash, the evening entertainment chez nous is about to start, just hoping that Peter Kay has some appropriate material, and Julian Clary and Alan Carr don't have one of their spats!

As dear Jennifer (Aldridge) would say,


Anniebach Tue 25-Dec-18 20:38:58

How exciting , a tad exaggerated perhaps ? no , i am so envious

FarNorth Tue 25-Dec-18 20:39:05

A modest little Christmas, just like yourself Phoenix. Will you both have time to pop along to the GN Xmas party?
It's going great guns!

kittylester Tue 25-Dec-18 20:49:05

Thank you, phoenix, we had no round robins this year and I do so miss them!

Chewbacca Tue 25-Dec-18 20:55:47

Quite a low key affair then this Christmas Phoenix? You normally push the boat out! tchgrin

phoenix Tue 25-Dec-18 21:38:01

You are all right, of course. We have cut back this year, we even decided against having an iceberg towed in to provide the craftsman cut cubes for the drinkies for our little soiree.

Kate and Meghan were so understanding, bless them!

We did still have Elton providing the background music though, just couldn't have faced seeing the tears running down his little crumpled face if we had had to put him off.

Grannybags Tue 25-Dec-18 22:25:04

phoenix tchgrin

grumppa Tue 25-Dec-18 23:25:45

For heaven's sake, phoenix, these cheapskate festivities really won't do, you know. We expect better things of you.

Doodle Tue 25-Dec-18 23:33:03

Yawn 😴 So old hat. We did all that last year.

phoenix Tue 25-Dec-18 23:44:19

Ok, so we didn't have quite enough organic unicorn milk to go on the edible gold covered muesli that we were serving to the Dalai Lama, but there's no need to be quite so disparaging.

ninathenana Wed 26-Dec-18 06:48:34

One assumes the unicorn was hand milked ?

LullyDully Wed 26-Dec-18 08:16:32

Couldn't the Queen and Phil make it?? Maybe too tired after dropping in here. 😁

Willow10 Wed 26-Dec-18 08:18:27

tchgrin love it Phoenix!

dragonfly46 Wed 26-Dec-18 08:29:26


Anniebach Wed 26-Dec-18 09:21:33

Phoenix what ever your on may I have some please πŸ˜€

phoenix Wed 26-Dec-18 11:22:47

Of course it was nina, by Nubian eunuchs, what other way is there?

Annie you may indeed, a nice cup of coffee is heading your way!I

(Although the original post may have been fuelled by something a tad stronger tchwink )

GrannyGravy13 Wed 26-Dec-18 11:49:00

Brilliant πŸŽ„πŸŽ…πŸ½πŸ€ΆπŸ₯‚πŸ₯‚πŸ₯‚πŸ₯‚

Anniebach Wed 26-Dec-18 12:00:05

.phoenix, the last time I had something a tad stronger, I didn’t see a unicorn, perhaps because my head was over the loo? πŸ˜€

Cherrytree59 Wed 26-Dec-18 17:18:48

annie Unicorns are extinct!
They were too busy frolicking or was that Phoenix in the Autumn mist. Ark went without themsad
The good news is.....
Fire breathing Dragons are alive and well in your lovely Welsh mountains.

Anniebach Wed 26-Dec-18 17:44:23

If Mrs Noah had been in charge the unicorns wouldn’t have been left behind Cherry but yes our dragons were saved πŸ˜€

Jalima1108 Wed 26-Dec-18 17:57:58

Well, now I know why Elton didn't turn up for my little soiree - he had a better offer sad

We had to make do with some Canadian bloke called Michael something or other - Bubble, Buble? confused

He's OK but just can't play the piano like Elt. He did bring a full orchestra with him, we had to hold the soiree in the ballroom, not as cosy and intimate as the drawing room unfortunately.

lemongrove Wed 26-Dec-18 20:24:30

Jalima ...was that the gold drawing room or the red one?
Your ballroom is always a little on the cold side I find.

Jalima1108 Wed 26-Dec-18 20:47:10

The red one, the god one needs re-gilding with 24 carat gold leaf.

You've upset me now, though, saying my ballroom is cold. It warms up at Hogmanay, especially after all the Royals have danced the Eightsome Reel.

Jalima1108 Wed 26-Dec-18 20:47:48

God one??
Gold one!