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UKTV Christmas Specials

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Rufus2 Wed 06-Nov-19 12:19:20

Good Evening; Do these still exist? Not repeats of the good oldies which can be found on YouTube ( thank goodness) such as Morecambe & Wise, the 2 Ronnies, Only Fools etc.etc.
As I've said previously on another thread which I can't find thanks to the user-unfriendly "search", I'll be home alone on the 25th. by choice and planning to re-run mostly Christmas specials of old; can't wait.! wink
Which raises the question; do specials still exist and compare well with the old "stars,"?
Probably cruder , I'd guess1 sad

Nannan2 Wed 06-Nov-19 13:57:12

I think there still christmas specials,depends what you watch i guess,all the soaps still seem to do one,and the much loved Downton abbey always did one,and call the midwife do every year- maybe some of the 'light entertainment' programmes do- im not sure if the 'comics' do as such,like morecombe& wise did,but theres usually celeb specials of things like catchphrase,mr&mrs etc,and sit-coms still do them i think (still open all hours,etc) best thing is to grab a tv guide mag as soon as they're out Rufus.grin

Witzend Wed 06-Nov-19 14:01:02

'The Detectorists' Christmas special was the last I watched, a couple of years ago. The series was brilliant and the special was certainly not crude.

sunseeker Wed 06-Nov-19 15:13:32

I watch very little TV at Christmas (or the rest of the year) - instead I bring out my favourite Christmas DVDs and watch those (again!)

Rufus2 Thu 07-Nov-19 12:44:42

The Detectorists' Christmas special
Witzend Thanks for that! Never heard of it down here, but it looks very promising based on a few clips, courtesy of Dr.G Unfortunately, some clips are on iPlayer and only available in the UK. How discriminatory is that? sad

grab a tv guide mag as soon as they're out grin^
Nannan2; If only! grin Please grab one for me, copy/paste on to any thread and hope we are not infringing any "guidelines". hmm

Humbertbear Thu 07-Nov-19 14:52:03

There is going to be a Gavin and Stacey Xmas Special and also Strictly of course. My daughter and I once spent a wonderful Xmas Day watching back to back episodes of Criminal Minds.

Rufus2 Sun 10-Nov-19 12:54:43

Thanks for your suggestions, Obviously some require familiarity with the characters as with TV series. I get the impression there are no M&Ws, Steptoes, Only Fools.. etc look-alikes around because all the good Old-Uns learned their trade treading the boards at live provincial theatres.
It annoys me no end when so-called TV comedians get their laughs whilst reading their scripts straight off a tele-prompter. sad
Btw; We had the classic B&W movie "School for Scoundrels" on TV yesterday; still a scream, all about "Oneupmanship" with Alistair Sims and all the usual suspects. Marvellous!
OoRoo poppy poppy poppy

EllanVannin Sun 10-Nov-19 14:20:45

Things were never the same since the demise of M&W, the Two Ronnies and all the other old shows that spelled Christmas.
I may have better luck on the " Talking Pictures " channel for a decent set of programmes. I'm not into modern comedy.