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Where do you put your Christmas food?

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Lizbethann55 Fri 20-Dec-19 19:23:52

I don't have the biggest kitchen, fridge or freezer and they are pretty full at the best of times. I have no idea where to put all my extra food and just wondered if any of you had any clever suggestions. It is a triple whammy for me this year. Christmas Eve is DH's birthday and the whole tribe are coming round for nibbles at lunch time and I will want to do a nice evening meal for the two of us. This year is not my year for having them all for Christmas dinner but I am doing something special for the two of us. Boxing day I am doing the full turkey watt for everyone as none of them are actually having turkey on Christmas day. But it all means so much food and where do I keep it all? Especially the turkey. It's not so bad if the weather is very cold as it can go in the garage. But this year it is just warm and wet!!! Any ideas?

ginny Fri 20-Dec-19 19:39:16

I put mine in my tummy. Yum yum!

Ilovecheese Fri 20-Dec-19 19:41:37

Delia said she keeps her cheese in the boot of the car. Would that be cool enough where you live?
Do you have a spare bedroom where you could turn off the radiator?

Ilovecheese Fri 20-Dec-19 19:43:08

Cool bag packed with shop bought ice cubes in the garage?

kittylester Fri 20-Dec-19 19:45:24

Do you have, or could you borrow, a cool box?

inkcog Fri 20-Dec-19 19:45:38

Weather may be warm and wet.....but it's not that warm

MawB Fri 20-Dec-19 20:33:04

Veggies and fruit go in lidded plastic boxes in the garage (you could leave them in the boot of the car)
Apart from that I religiously clear the fridge and fridge door of anything which does not need refrigeration (bottles of sauce, jars of jam or marmalade etc) and pack the rest in “scientifically “ think Tokyo underground! Turkey comes off the bone and goes into plastic Tupperware type boxes, ham and left over roasties etc likewise. The advantage being you can stack them more efficiently.
A cold frosty Christmas does make things easier, I agree.

jura2 Fri 20-Dec-19 20:36:20

so so lucky to have a second kitchen in the back of the house (ex Parish kitchen/room) which we do not eat and serves as great pantry- it has a fridge and freezer too. Not required this year- actually rented for 3 days to a local family.

jura2 Fri 20-Dec-19 20:41:18

which we do not Heat!

Callistemon Fri 20-Dec-19 20:46:07

Yes, as MawB says, clear the fridge of unnecessaries, square or oblong plastic boxes for storage somewhere cool if not in the fridge.
Eggs don't need to go in the fridge.

Can you store things you won't want in large plastic boxes in the garage even the shed? Or in boxes on top of kitchen cupboards for the time being. I dislike things on top of cupboards but sometimes needs must.

It's only a few days

Coolgran65 Fri 20-Dec-19 20:47:19

My garage is cold enough thankfully.
Also we have an unheated enclosed front porch and I often use it to set jellies, keep cakes and puddings when catering for larger than usual numbers.

Just want to say thank you for the tip of using the car boot. Never thought of that.

Sara65 Fri 20-Dec-19 20:49:48

Our laundry room is freezing, so good for storing drink and some food.

But then we’ll do our usual annual thing, of going through the freezer, and chucking things away, so that we can go out and buy more to fill it up again.

EllanVannin Fri 20-Dec-19 21:11:31

A big Esky cool box.

Grannyknot Fri 20-Dec-19 21:21:35

We erect a mini greenhouse (cost about £15 from Argos a few years ago) on the patio as a makeshift fridge. It is a frame covered by plastic, zips up. Drinks etc go in there. It is in a protected area so the stuff in there doesn't freeze.

We haven't yet needed the car boot!

AllotmentLil Fri 20-Dec-19 21:43:52

Laundry room, like Sara’s is unheated, ie freezing, and leads into the garage also freezing so we store stuff in both of those. But I also do a big clear out of fridge and freezers before Christmas. Then I keep my 🤞🏻!!

Witzend Fri 20-Dec-19 22:00:28

When I haven't been able to get it all in the fridge, in insulated cool bags or boxes kept outside, with ice packs. It's always worked well.

BradfordLass72 Fri 20-Dec-19 22:35:06

It's too hot at Christmas/summertime to have anything unrefrigerated, even for a short time.

I use zip-lock bags for many things: left over vegetables; croissants; custard etc. Many of these will fit easily onto a shelf where a bowl, plate or box would take up too much room.

If things need to be plated, two thicknesses of cling-film over them allows another plate or two to be stacked on top, as long as it isn't a decorate cake!

Insulated bags, cool boxes etc wouldn't work in this climate and my garage is possibly the hottest place in the house! grin

JackyB Fri 20-Dec-19 22:45:11

I, too, leave veg, fruit, salad etc in a washing basket in the garage.

There are lots of things taking up unnecessary space in the fridge. Maybe an annual clear out of sauce bottles, jams etc, which are never used.

Callistemon Fri 20-Dec-19 22:50:09

Bradfordlass I know the difficulties, where even flour, cornflour and just about everything has to be kept in a fridge!
But can you keep a couple of fridge freezers out on the verandah?

annsixty Fri 20-Dec-19 22:56:15

I don’t have to cater for many now at Christmas but when I did I used the garden shed which was very close to the outside back door for veg , bread etc.
We never had a problem with anything, boxes were well sealed in case of “ marauders”’ and nothing ever got nibbled or went off.
I am old enough to remember when we didn’t have fridges and shops closed for several days, we never suffered or worried, it was just what we did.

Chewbacca Fri 20-Dec-19 22:57:11

For many years I used the garden shed as a makeshift larder. Root vegetables and salad stuffs, packed into hessian bags and then suspended from a hook in the ceiling. Smoked salmon, cooked meats etc packed into air tight boxes and stored on shelves. I've now got a spare fridge/freezer in the garage and it's already packed to capacity. Might have to revisit the shed!

absent Sat 21-Dec-19 04:44:27

I have used outdoor buildings for all sorts of goodies for Christmas and New Year, including an entire dressed salmon. I can't do that now because where I live Christmas falls in summer and everywhere, including the shed (garage to those who live in the UK), is pretty hot. However, I have been able to order and pay for perishables, such as a 13-lb turkey, but leave them in store cold rooms until Tuesday.

BradfordLass72 Sat 21-Dec-19 06:49:47

Callistemon I have a tiny over-the-fridge freezer.
My deck too is very small: just enough room for a garden chair and a herb pot or two. Landlord would never allow anything more on the deck than that.

We do have garages and some working people here keep their freezers in them but I can't afford either freezer or running costs.
I do all right with my zip locks as it's only when the family come for a meal (or Christmas) that there are extra which need to be shoe-horned in.

ladymuck Sat 21-Dec-19 06:58:13

I keep extra food in my shopping trolley. It's sitting in the hallway anyway and holds quite a lot, so it's unobtrusive.

bingo12 Sat 21-Dec-19 07:09:33

If you have any north/east facing window sills - could use for wine or food in boxes - if desperate.