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That went well - not

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Daisymae Sat 21-Dec-19 09:42:47

I put in a supermarket delivery for today as it's the closest I could get to the big day. Last week another supermarket released some Christmas Eve times so I grabbed one quickly, cancelled today. Except it seems that I didn't as it's about to be delivered. I did the normal rational thing and were into meltdown, this was not a pretty sight. My DH pointed out that it's not the end of the world, but he doesn't quite get it as there's things on the other order that I need. I have streamlined it but I don't anticipate going anywhere near a food shop till February. Best laid plans of mice and men........

Teetime Sat 21-Dec-19 09:48:14

You could just ring them up this has surely happened before (I did it once).

Nandalot Sat 21-Dec-19 09:56:05

DH once booked Christmas slot, New Year Slot and, just in case, a mid festivity slot. He always puts 3 red wine boxes into the ‘basket’ to reach the £40 min. and then takes them out when he makes the order. You guessed it. He forgot about the middle slot....or so he said!

Daisymae Sat 21-Dec-19 10:11:06

Nandalot - glad to hear that it's not just me!

SueDonim Sat 21-Dec-19 11:56:37

Can’t you cancel the Xmas Eve delivery and go and pick up the bits you still need? I’m impressed with your planning, though - I still haven’t made my list! tchgrin