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Buon Natale

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nonnasusie Mon 23-Dec-19 15:07:52

Buon Natale, Happy Christmas everyone

Ilovecheese Mon 23-Dec-19 15:15:12

Looks lovely and cosy.

BBbevan Mon 23-Dec-19 16:43:13

Nadolig Hapus i chi i gyd

Happy Christmas to you all

EllanVannin Mon 23-Dec-19 16:48:02

Nollick Ghennall------Manx.

Happy Christmas.

BBbevan Mon 23-Dec-19 17:24:07

That's great EllanV. I have never seen that written before.

Nortsat46 Mon 23-Dec-19 17:37:39

Frohliche Weihnachten.

Scribbles Mon 23-Dec-19 18:34:12

Vrolijk Kerstfeest en een gelukkig nieuwjaar voor iedereen.

BradfordLass72 Mon 23-Dec-19 19:51:02

Mere Kirihimete, Hari Tau Hou hoki

Kalu Mon 23-Dec-19 20:25:04

Nollaig chridheil - Scottish Gaelic🎄

Witzend Mon 23-Dec-19 20:35:19

God Jul - (Swedish, I think!).

The other day a dd showed me a 'Feliz Navidad Amigas!' she'd had from a friend - a video of a very happy looking (presumably Spanish) chap in a Santa hat jumping up and down - but he was starkers and his absolutely enormous whanger was merrily bouncing up and down too!

BlueSapphire Mon 23-Dec-19 21:52:55

Oh, I need the Swedish for tomorrow evening to wish DDIL a happy Christmas! I shall be at her very Swedish Christmas Eve smorgasbord. Swedish food with glogg (with almonds and raisins in it, in her late DM's glasses).
Janssens Temptation, smoked salmon, herring, Swedish sausages, meatballs and lingonberry sauce.
Mind you, I have been asked to take a cooked ham, sausage rolls and mince pies!
I shall probably leave the herring....