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Who else buys themselves a traditional Advent Calendar?

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Witzend Sun 18-Oct-20 09:36:45

I mean just with the little pictures.
I always do - we never had them as children. 🙁 They weren’t nearly such a thing then.
I hope I’m not alone!

I bought this one in John Lewis a year or so ago - they’ve still got it and I’m tempted.
Last year I bought the grumpy old Raymond Briggs Father Christmas one - I liked him too, but I think the doggy one wins on points. 🎄

kittylester Sun 18-Oct-20 09:44:14

Me!! Me!!

I try to buy nativity ones!

grandMattie Sun 18-Oct-20 09:46:08

I try to buy religious ones for the GDs. Their mum is a vicar. Terribly hard to find.

FannyCornforth Sun 18-Oct-20 09:48:21

I buy the dog an advent calendar every year.

Kamiso Sun 18-Oct-20 09:50:09

I buy one though GSs are teenagers now so I might be on my own with it. I try to find a nativity one but they are getting rarer each year.

I also get the Jacquie Lawson one - I might forward it to our two little ones. They don’t live nearby but are just old enough to enjoy them.

Oopsminty Sun 18-Oct-20 09:56:37

I do, Witzend!

I love them. I was lucky enough to have them when a child.I used to get 3D ones which were terribly exciting! I actually used to cheat and peak behind the doors. There was always slight disappointment if it was a sprig of holly or mistletoe!

I now get a traditional one, usually a German make as they're just wonderful

This is the one I've ordered for this year

I also get the grandchildren a traditional one. I know they will get plenty of chocolate ones from other relatives so I like to be olde worlde ;-)

Oopsminty Sun 18-Oct-20 09:57:50


I try to buy religious ones for the GDs. Their mum is a vicar. Terribly hard to find.

There's quite a large choice on Amazon, grandMattie

Grandmabatty Sun 18-Oct-20 10:00:27

I never have bought one for myself ever, always for the children. My dd asked for a chocolate one, ds always a traditional one. I might get a traditional one now I have a dgs.

Goodbyetoallthat Sun 18-Oct-20 10:03:13

Me too!
I love the traditional advent calendars & always send one to my children (all grown up). My son & his fiancée had the doggy one (pictured) last year.

suziewoozie Sun 18-Oct-20 10:04:26

I reuse a fabric one every year which has pockets into which I put individual sweets - usually heroes or celebrations. We take it in turns to have a sweet but the last three dates have bigger pockets so we have a sweet each 😀

rafichagran Sun 18-Oct-20 10:05:29

I have bought a Dr Who one fir my Grandson from a charity shop.

MaggieTulliver Sun 18-Oct-20 10:07:56

I love them. We always had them as children and they were the ones from Germany (my mum is German), so nativity scenes for eg with lots of little angels and glitter. If I can find something similar I’ll buy one but don’t like the totally secular ones. Advent and Christmas is all about the birth of Jesus after all. I’m not actually religious now but I don’t like that the meaning of Christmas has largely been lost.

Ashcombe Sun 18-Oct-20 10:08:07


I try to buy religious ones for the GDs. Their mum is a vicar. Terribly hard to find.

This link might help:-

This one includes a book:-

EllanVannin Sun 18-Oct-20 10:16:51

I do, and 4 cat stockings, which includes one for the old stray Tom. In a row on the hearth though invariably one gets " got at ".

Also I have an Avon musical tree which has 24 little drawers containing various decorations for the little tree. I've had it for years. I have two or three Avon novelties from years ago, they're lovely.

seacliff Sun 18-Oct-20 10:32:06

I don't buy them now, but I would still if my adults boys were near.

I had one as a child in the 50s that I absolutely loved. It was a darkish snowy woodland scene with a little sparkle, with animals and little doors and windows in the trees, and tucked into the mossy hillocks. Very beautiful.

It stirred my imagination, I made up stories to myself whilst playing with it. . I kept it for some years. I'd close the windows and reopen the next year. It was something like this, but much nicer.

grandtanteJE65 Sun 18-Oct-20 10:40:33

We usually get one free from the local shops.

fevertree Sun 18-Oct-20 10:57:04

I'm nerdy enough to make one. smile

I bought the padded Christmas fabric outline some years ago, it has hidden pockets fixed with Velcro. Every year I dicky it up with miniature Father Christmas pegs that hold a label with the date, and I tuck in a different sweet for every day.

eazybee Sun 18-Oct-20 13:00:06

I have just seen the prices of some Advent calendars.
The cheapest was The White Company, at £150!

Jane10 Sun 18-Oct-20 13:08:43

Yes. Prices of these calendars have rocketed. I always buy DH one each year after told me that when he was a little boy at primary school the nuns said he couldn't have one and told the Bishop who was giving them out that DH was too naughty to have one. His crime? Shooting out his hands as he hated the feeling of his shirt cuffs under his blazer. He never forgot.

SueDonim Sun 18-Oct-20 13:35:11

Me! I also buy traditional ones for my grown children. One year, I decided that now they all had their homes etc, it wasn’t necessary for me to keep doing this. Cue howls of outrage and accusations of ruining Christmas! grin So, the tradition continues.

Rosalyn69 Sun 18-Oct-20 14:37:55

When my son was young I made one with little pockets that I filled with a different little present each night and told him that the Advent fairy bought the gifts. He loved it.
Now I buy Advent candles.

Calendargirl Sun 18-Oct-20 15:10:03


I buy the dog an advent calendar every year.


FannyCornforth Sun 18-Oct-20 15:19:37

They have dog treats behind every window.
(I'm not completely mad!grin)

phoenix Sun 18-Oct-20 16:07:17

Oh I just love the traditional ones, always bought them for the boys, no chocolate, just pictures.

Can't stand some of the ones you see in shops, Barbie, Minions etc, and from what I can tell, no pictures, just chocolates!

Jane10 Sun 18-Oct-20 16:47:22

I completely agree Phoenix. Those trashy chocolate ones are horrible. The beautiful old German prints are so much nicer.