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Xmas card to my son's in law's

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TerryM Wed 18-Nov-20 09:44:21

We don't see them often but I know my son's mother in law does strongly , lol , encourage her daughter to send me photos and suchlike. I really enjoy her company.
I would like to send them a Xmas card this year.
They aren't traditional friends as such. Would it be a generic Xmas card ?
I do like the idea of sending real cards this year. It has been such a long one
I have very few to post cards to so not a hardship at all
Thanks smile

tanith Wed 18-Nov-20 10:07:46

I think its a nice gesture I've only met my sons in-laws twice but I always send a card having said that they don't reciprocate.

Grandmabatty Wed 18-Nov-20 10:09:30

A generic one sounds fine but if you'd like one that's more meaningful then one 'to friends.' Or if that's too much, 'from our house to yours,' kind of thing. A nice generic one sounds perfect actually. Have they sent you a card in the past? Maybe a nice comment inside a generic one would be more meaningful.

kittylester Wed 18-Nov-20 10:28:20

Apart from to DH, I only send generic cards but I buy some that are 'nicer' than the generic, generic ones. I send cards to all our children's inlaws - we are relations - sort of.

quizqueen Wed 18-Nov-20 10:30:41

Good job this is not in Pedants' Corner!!!!!

dragonfly46 Wed 18-Nov-20 10:31:46

I sent them to the inlaws in the beginning but they weren't reciprocated so I stopped. I didn't want them to feel pressured. We send personalised cards to everyone - mainly winter scenes from around here as my DH likes photography. I only send special ones to my DC and DGC.

jaylucy Wed 18-Nov-20 10:35:52

Why on earth not? Doesn't have to be one that is all slushy, just one that wishes them a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
Maybe it will change the relationship that you have with them for the better, who knows???

TerryM Wed 18-Nov-20 10:53:33


Good job this is not in Pedants' Corner!!!!!

Oops obviously I have done something incorrectly

sodapop Wed 18-Nov-20 13:17:53

Don't worry TerryM it's quite rude to point out typos etc in another persons post.

I would send a generic card just sending good wishes.

Aldom Wed 18-Nov-20 14:30:06

Always send AC in laws Christmas cards chosen from my thoughtfully chosen selection of Charity cards. We also exchange birthday cards.

PamelaJ1 Wed 18-Nov-20 16:20:14

I only send generic cards unless I get some ‘special’ ones in the sales after Christmas.
Don’t they all get recycled anyway?
I’ve started to save some really nice ones so that when we all give up sending cards I will still have some on display.
Is that really really sad?

MrsThreadgoode Wed 18-Nov-20 17:17:47

I always have sent them to my DDs in laws.

Now they are ex in laws, I still send and receive them though, plus gifts.

Witzend Wed 18-Nov-20 17:31:12

I only ever buy packs of charity cards, ones I really like. They go to everybody, inc. a dd’s in-laws. Other dd is long-term partnered, and I send to her ‘out-laws’ too.

ginny Wed 18-Nov-20 17:35:44

Certainly no reason why you shouldn’t send a card. I always send one to our DDs in laws.

Hetty58 Wed 18-Nov-20 18:23:18

I just don't like cards. I can't see the point in sending or receiving them - and resent taking time writing and posting them. Over the years, I've gradually cut down how many I do, so I wouldn't add to the little list.

This year, as I'm going to family for Christmas, I don't even have to display them. They can go straight into the recycling box - nice!

MawBe Wed 18-Nov-20 18:28:36

I regard my 3 daughters’ in-laws as part of my extended family and yes, we exchange birthday and Christmas cards, flowers or presents in exactly the same way I would with my sisters-in-law.
They are family.

Witzend Wed 18-Nov-20 19:07:57

Each to her/his own, @Hetty58.

I like sending and receiving them. I write them with carols playing, and very likely a glass of mulled wine, too. 🎄

quizqueen Wed 18-Nov-20 21:26:27

Not rude at all, sodapop, it's a good thing to continue to learn things all through life, no matter a person's age or attitude. It would be very sad if people shut off from learning once formal education was completed. So......sons in law is correct in this apostrophes needed or pluralisation of the word law and there is always a full stop after etc.

sodapop Wed 18-Nov-20 21:42:32

It may also deter people from posting quizqueen if others are nit picking.

MawBe Wed 18-Nov-20 21:57:54

So......sons in law is correct in this apostrophes needed or pluralisation of the word law and there is always a full stop after etc.
Actually Quizqueen it’s not “sons-in-law” but “my son’s in-laws (The MIL and FIL of OP’s son.)

B9exchange Wed 18-Nov-20 22:04:11

I think it is a lovely idea to send them a card. I send one to the in laws of all my children, including one with peaceful wishes to those of Hindu faith, and they actually send me one back!

TerryM Fri 20-Nov-20 09:55:26

Thank you all ;)
I think I shall send cards to them smile but make sure their daughter , my Dil , knows to reassure them I am doing it just cause they are such good in law's