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Christmas Boxes for Postman etc.

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Yangste1007 Fri 18-Dec-20 16:41:37

Out of interest what do you all think about Christmas Boxes for the milkman, postman, bin men (I've referred to all these people as 'men' but obviously they could just as easily be women, and they are where we live). Do people even call it a Christmas boxes any more? How much do you give?

tanith Fri 18-Dec-20 16:46:09

I used to give my regular postman £10 but I now get a different one every day so don’t bother. A box of biscuits to the binmen usually.

Nortsat Fri 18-Dec-20 16:46:22

This year we are giving a box of chocolates to the Postman, who is a lovely man.

Bin men - no.

Milkman - we don’t have one.

BlueBelle Fri 18-Dec-20 16:46:53

Well I m afraid I don’t because I don’t have a milkman , I only very occasionally get a bill through the letterbox and the bin men come before I m up so nothing from me I m afraid but as they all probably earn double what I do, I won’t feel bad
My hairdresser got a box of chocolates and I got lovely thoughtful presents for all my friends and of course my family

Vickysponge Fri 18-Dec-20 16:55:16

I give a bottle of chateauneuf du pape for our wonderful GP.

twinnytwin Fri 18-Dec-20 16:56:40

Always give our postie some money in an envelope each Christmas. He's had this round for years and is the most cheerful, happy and helpful guy you could meet. All our village loves him. A really good artist from our art group, has painted his portrait several times. Although he doesn't live nearby he's a real part of our community.

Jaxjacky Fri 18-Dec-20 17:09:02

Ten pounds for postie and for bin men, they’ve kept going through this horrendous year and I’m grateful.

Missfoodlove Fri 18-Dec-20 17:12:04

I’ve left chocolates out for all delivery staff.
We don’t have a regular postie just a succession of churlish agency staff who can’t shut a gate or read.

Witzend Fri 18-Dec-20 17:22:02

We put a tenner in a card for milkman, postman, paper boy (man) and dustmen. Might leave a box of chocs for dustmen as well, if I remember. Keep them sweet! But they’ve always been very good.
Milkman and paper man have already left cards for us.

M0nica Fri 18-Dec-20 18:40:08

We have given a tip to our happy smiling Hermes delivery lady.

HurdyGurdy Fri 18-Dec-20 18:45:02

Always leave a tub of Heroes out for the dustmen, along with a card with £20 in it. They do a fabulous job in all weathers.

Never see the same postman twice, so no. Not for the postie

First year of having milk deliveries (started in January, so before the Covid panic), and again, he's been a star, so will leave him some Heroes also, and a card with £20

Don't have regular deliveries, either supermarket or otherwise, so no particular driver to tip.

EllanVannin Fri 18-Dec-20 18:47:30

£10 to the long-standing postman, every year.
I have to catch the paper man yet---he's so early, before 6am.

Daisymae Fri 18-Dec-20 20:48:15

£20 for the bin collectors, £5 window cleaner. Last year I inadvertently tipped the temp postie, well he was wearing a Christmas hat so easily done!

Galaxy Fri 18-Dec-20 20:50:48

I chased the binmen this year to give them a tenner, they have been amazing this year, and I feel we have probably taken the piss with our internet delivery boxes piled next to the bin.

Shandy57 Fri 18-Dec-20 20:57:58

I've given my post lady £10 but won't be tipping the bin men this year. Just after my husband died I'd left £5 and some rubbish bags outside by the bin. I'd just got home and the men were just leaving and said it was 'recycling' day but they'd taken the 'tip' in advance of doing it the next week. Very cocky and disrespectful, I was nervous to ask for it back. The next week was a different crew and the bags were left, they took advantage.

annsixty Fri 18-Dec-20 21:35:49

Yesterday I had a £10 note in my pocket for the Sainsbury’s delivery man.
He stood and watched me manhandle £130 worth of goods out of his Charles and into my bags, the money stayed in my pocket.
My friend and I have been out for a meal tonight, the taxi driver was so unhelpful and parked several yards beyond the restaurant claiming he couldn’t park outside, he jolly well could .
He got the fare and not a penny more.
We have one helpful postman and if I see him one morning he will get £10 but not a temp.

annsixty Fri 18-Dec-20 21:37:16

Don’t know why Charles integrated my post!!
It should have read crates.

NanKate Fri 18-Dec-20 21:39:48

My DH always gives our very pleasant Big Issue seller a fiver each Christmas. The first year this happened he asked if he could kiss my DH with gratitude 😳 DH declined. He now says ‘Thanks boss’.

NotAGran55 Fri 18-Dec-20 21:41:21

£20 for the postman, bin men , recycling men and the fantastic Hermes man who is outstanding in his service in the village.

Alioop Sat 19-Dec-20 10:24:58

Bin men get tubs of chocs for them all to share, well I hope they do. Postmen change weekly so don't really know them so don't usually bother.

Tweedle24 Sat 19-Dec-20 10:31:23

I put £10 in a card for the milkman (in a plastic bag as it was raining). I have seen him once during the 26 years he has been delivering here at 3 am.
I gave the same to the window cleaner, to spend on his new baby daughter, and to my young gardener, who said he would spend it on a bottle of wine for his grandparents who live next door to him.

Ailidh Sat 19-Dec-20 11:08:53

I haven't for a long tìme but this year gave £30 in a card to the binmen - they haven't missed once during the pandemic, and their rôle as key workers is not always appreciated.
I have a tenner in a card ready to go when the usual postie is on.
I don't drink milk.

travelsafar Sun 20-Dec-20 09:28:31

I gave my hairdresser 10.00 in a card last week. So glad I did as she will be missing out this week on xmas tips due to us being in tier 4 now.

If i see our regular postie will do the same.

I have two cards for shop assistants who are there on the day i shop and such delightful ladies. Can't give a tip in case they get accused of taking money as they both are on the tills. Suppose i could give chocs though.

kircubbin2000 Sun 20-Dec-20 10:21:23

Have just realised I gave the postie the £20 I had set out for shopping instead of the tenner I was going to give her! No wonder she was so pleased!

lemongrove Sun 20-Dec-20 10:41:42

Our postman changes all the time now, have no idea who he is, don’t have a milkman and the bin men come here in the early hours of the morning.No paper deliveries here either.
We do have a regular window cleaner and give him a present,
He likes a bottle of wine as he says he usually gets boxes of biscuits and doesn’t eat them.
I usually pop in to say Happy Christmas ( with a small gift) to my local hairdresser but she hasn’t been working in Dec this year.