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Christmas shopping for completely different generations and personalities

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DillytheGardener Mon 08-Nov-21 15:24:45

Started my Christmas shopping today. I have so many different types to buy for. DH who always asks for golf accessories, DS1 who isn’t fussy but is greedy ? and likes aftershave £ clothes, DS2 and DIL who aren’t greedy and don’t want anything except a personalised Christmas card with the dogs and photo of the family on it, my GC but I buy from an eco friendly list I’m sent to choose from, my mil who invariably returns whatever I buy ( with the exception of a hair dryer a gransnetter once recommended )
My favourite to buy for are my girlfriends, I love picking out fun accessories like gloves or costume jewellery, candles, gin and Prosecco. Wish I could just buy for them really!

How does everyone else cope with buying for so many different peoples tastes/needs?

pooohbear2811 Tue 09-Nov-21 19:32:37

we use to do a family secret Santa for the adults but we stopped that as to many grandchildren to buy for.
I usually take the older 2 to the panto and try and take the others for a day out to something similar.
Most of what I get them is charity shop items picked up throughout the year, hate buying new. I also knit/sew/crochet/diamond art them an item each based on their latest crazes. This year they all have diamond art pictures I have been working on since Jan.

JadeOlivia Tue 09-Nov-21 20:39:25

For adults, it' s food and drink, sometimes in a hamper. For children( albeit young adults), I pay for a plane ticket.

MaggsMcG Wed 10-Nov-21 06:41:48

All my family are getting money this year from one of my late husbands ISAs. I'm sharing it out as his last gift to them. It would have been more but I don't know how much longer I have left myself. smile I could live another 20 years if I'm lucky. A lot of my female relatives lived to their late 80s. They are welcome to anything left over. I love Christmas shopping but it's hard as they get older. The Grands would rather have the money anyway. I have bought them all a humorous gift just so there's something to unwrap.

M0nica Wed 10-Nov-21 06:56:27

I ask everyone for a list of suggestions in early November, which is then circulated to everyone in the family Christmas bubble. There is no guarantee of receiving anything, and certainly not everything, on the list, but it takes the hassle out of shopping and ensures no unwanted gifts and the element of surprise remains on the day.

Blossoming Sat 13-Nov-21 10:57:53


I usually buy lots of presents. This year I’m cutting back. One present each. It had all got too stressful.

Totally agree with this Rosalyn. We had the chat with the family earlier this week. No grownups presents and Amazon cards for the children. The children’s ages go from 2 up to 18, and much as I love them all I just can’t manage all the shopping, wrapping, etc. that I used to do.

Mr. B is the only one on my Christmas list this year smile

Serendipity22 Sun 14-Nov-21 20:44:21

I love love love the whole Christmas day experience. ny DD and family cone over for the day ( only live 5 miles away )

I place presents under the tree, about 6 or 7 each, maybe more. The tree is 6ft tall, decorated by all the family with Christmas music playing, drinks and mince pies.

The presents range from £ to ££, it doeant matter, to me its all about creating memories of fabulous, loving, happy, fun Christmas's.

I wrap maybe a cabbage or swede up, or maybe a bag of sprouts and take photo's of their faces when they rip the paper off hahahaha.

Ohhhh, and i dress for the day as an elf..... hahaha.