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Tree decorations which tell a story

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ixion Sat 11-Dec-21 17:27:27

I have just unpacked my fairy dolly for our tree.
She is still wearing last year's mask, left on as a nostalgia gesture.
Plus ça change...?

Do you have any special Christmas tree ornaments which are 'extra special' to you?

Amberone Sat 11-Dec-21 17:36:37

Our mementos from places we've visited have always been tree ornaments. We have a shell angel, a Mickey Mouse Santa, a hand painted egg, some crystal baubles and many more. When we put the tree up every year they all come out and we reminisce about how we got them and the people and places involved.

Jaxjacky Sat 11-Dec-21 18:06:32

Yes, two felt bells, most of the sequins have long gone, made by my children at primary school, they’re 30 and 35 now!

love0c Sat 11-Dec-21 18:09:54

Jaxjacky Snap! smile I have a shiny cardboard bell made by our youngest son at nursery 33 years ago and a paper and card glitter bird made by our eldest son at playschool 36 years ago. Always on the front of our tree!

Forsythia Sat 11-Dec-21 18:12:21

I too have decorations made by my daughters at school from the inner tubes of toilet rolls. I can’t bring myself to throw them away even after all these years. I’ve also got some vintage glass baubles that belonged to my mother. All brought out every year.

Ali23 Sat 11-Dec-21 18:14:41

We have my mil’s baubles which she instructed me to look after, and a shelf decoration from each of our mums. Most precious of all are the silver and gold paper covered stars sitting at the top of the tree, made by my dayghter as a child ?

Whitewavemark2 Sat 11-Dec-21 18:33:21

A tree skirt that my children aged perhaps 5 and 7 sewed. Cut out felt figures sewn onto a cloth .

I can remember my son aged 5 getting upset because he couldn’t sew as well as his sister.

I shall always treasure it.

Amberone Sat 11-Dec-21 20:32:42

I used to have a toilet roll fairy made by DD. She had a tinsel skirt that sparkled as the tree lights flickered and she sat at the top of the tree for about 20 years. Then one year she fell off when the tree got knocked and 6' 4" DS took a step back right on top of her. She was entirely flattened and dismembered as bits fell off. What's left of her now lives in a small box in with the other decorations, and every year when the tree is decorated poor DS is teased about the year he killed the Christmas fairy.

MiniMoon Sat 11-Dec-21 21:05:25

I have a green bell. My parents had it on my first Christmas tree when I was a year old.
I brought it home with me after helping my sisters clear out our old family home when my Dad died. It goes on my tree every year.

freedomfromthepast Sun 12-Dec-21 01:40:34

Since my kids were small, I would buy them each a new ornament to put on the tree. As they got older, they would pick their own ornament each year. Sometimes it would be from a place we visited, others would be something they were passionate about that year.

When they grow and establish their own houses, I will lovingly box up every single ornament and send them with them. They can then create their own tree with those ornaments if they choose.

My favorite ornament of all time though, is a large pink star that says Best Step Mom. I am not a step mom, my youngest bought it for me when she first started school and was a new reader. The school had an inexpensive holiday bazar and the kids could go and purchase gifts for family. She liked pink and could read the word mom and was excited to give it to me.

It is my most cherished gift and it it is proudly displayed on the front of my tree each year.

Purplepixie Sun 12-Dec-21 12:37:39

My youngest son made an angel at school and I still have it today. He will be 30 years old soon. It is battered but so special to me. I made an angel myself for the top of the tree at a sewing class about 15 years ago and that day had such happy memories. Sadly two of the ladies that were there are now dead. We had such a laugh and I can still picture their faces.

grandtanteJE65 Sun 12-Dec-21 12:54:48

I have a bell that hung on my maternal grandmother's childhood tree, a cello Daddy remembered from his earliest childhood - both glass baubles, I hasten to add.

Two tin foil stars from my parents' first tree as Christmas decorations were hard to come by in 1947.

Various other decorations that date from our own many Christmas trees, including a black swan with curved neck and crown, Odile, no doubt, that DH bought in Prague. She has her very own box, well padded with cotton wool to spend the rest of the year in.

Grandmabatty Sun 12-Dec-21 12:59:34

When my husband left us and never really engaged with his children thereafter, I decided that I would make every Christmas as special as I could. Every year we would buy three new tree decorations to symbolise the three of us as a family. It really helped my two children and those decorations mean a lot to me. My daughter has copied this idea with her own wee family.

Maria59 Sun 12-Dec-21 14:23:14

When first married money was really tight and I had to wait until a few days before Christmas to buy a new tree topper as the 2nd hand one we had disintegrated. I came home very upset as the shop was sold out. I went to church and when I came back hubby had cut out and painted a silver star and used an old decoration to bling it up. Now I could buy anything I wanted but could never replace the love held in that star which goes on the tree every year.

Parsley3 Sun 12-Dec-21 15:01:35

Such lovely stories on here. It is my artificial tree itself that I feel nostalgic about. I bought it many years ago when my husband was very ill indeed and the children were small. It was my attempt to cheer us up. When we bring it out every Christmas it is like a little celebration of another year of us all being together.

Madgran77 Sun 12-Dec-21 15:21:35

A small and very bedraggled "pink sugar bird" that was my favourite as a child. The name was my name for the little bird as a child. It had a beautiful feather tail then but now is a very bedraggled blob of pink, a red beak and two small eyes, no tail. Goes on the tree every year though with lots of memories of hanging it up helped by my mum

lovebeigecardigans1955 Sun 12-Dec-21 15:42:28

I don't have it any more but have memories Parsley3 of a little tree that Mum made. Money was scarce so we rarely got a real tree. It probably stood not much more than about a foot high and was made of a piece of dowelling with graduated lengths of pipe cleaner, all covered with green crepe paper to represent the foliage and it stood proudly in the centre of a squat cardboard box which was covered in red paper. Mum produced little multi-coloured baubles, and the piece de resistance a star with tinsel round it. In my memory it looked a bit like a Tudor rose but with a silver centre.

We begged Mum for it to come out every year even though we could subsequently afford a proper tree. It was quite a sad day when it eventually became so tatty we felt we had to sling it out, but I can still see it in my mind's eye.

VictoryaW17 Mon 13-Dec-21 04:13:25

Following the last two years' trend, I'm looking for dolls like this for my tree smile. If someone knows where I can find it.