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Xmas TV Ads

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Bea65 Sat 19-Nov-22 18:02:00

sorry but have to pause TV when they are on...must be really miserable for families with child/several children and parents know they can't afford the luxuries of toys and food...wish these advertisers had a moral code in these present restrictive times..

Niobe Sat 19-Nov-22 18:19:36

I totally agree with you Bea65. Y

Kim19 Sat 19-Nov-22 18:22:14

I love them all. The poor have ever been with us and there is much charity around with them in mind. Never enough, of course, but me being thoroughly miserable rather than acutely aware would serve nothing.

BlueBelle Sat 19-Nov-22 18:31:58

I hate them and completely blank off when they are on sugary silly or plain boring

I don’t think I ve ever bought anything because of a tv ad in my long life

tanith Sat 19-Nov-22 18:55:58

I always turn the sound off when adverts come on.

SpringyChicken Sat 19-Nov-22 19:11:20

The Tesco advert seems particularly insensitive to me starting off with 'there's a shortage of joy this Christmas", or along those lines, which immediately makes me feel down . And ending up with an obscene amount of food on the table which is totally beyond many families.

vampirequeen Sat 19-Nov-22 20:50:48

I like the Lidl bear, Kevin the Carrot and Asda's Elf but the others are awful. Tesco's is boring. M&S have gone PC. I like adverts that make me laugh or go 'aww'. Usually, we switch the sound off when the adverts come on and I can't say I've ever seen one that's made me want to buy anything.

I hate adverts for toys. They shouldn't be shown on TV at all. The other day I saw a Barbie house priced at £250. That was just for the extras. Cardboard and plastic tat. Children's TV channels are the worst. They're wall to wall toy adverts with programmes that are just longer versions of adverts. I pity parents these days.

Floradora9 Sat 19-Nov-22 21:35:11

I record all programmes with adds so we can skip the adds when we watch them .

Ziplok Sat 19-Nov-22 21:41:36

I find a lot of these Xmas ads rather nauseous and gluttonous, but really like the slightly naughty Kevin the carrot ad (Aldi) where the carrot becomes the snowman’s nose (not! 😂😂😂).
Sorry, I might be lowering the tone!!

ElaineI Sat 19-Nov-22 21:44:35

DH does that Floradora so I never get to hear them. Only seen JL so far. I remember getting a Barbie house for DD1 about 30 years ago and it took about 2 hours to build Vampirequeen. Still got bits of it kicking around 🤣

swampy1961 Sat 19-Nov-22 22:33:07

One of the best John Lewis Adverts is the Bear and the Hare. Not everyone gets to see the Christmas as they would like and the one simple present given to the Bear ensures that he gets to see what Christmas is about and joins his friends.
Very simple way of sharing the spirit of Christmas without all the overindulgence that too many adverts seem to show.
But have to say it does feel like Christmas is on its way when the Coca Cola advert comes on!!

annsixty Sat 19-Nov-22 22:34:57

The Christmas magazines are the same.
I get a free copy of Good Housekeeping.
The cover features an angelic blonde child standing far too close to an open fire whilst wearing highly inflammable clothing .
The tree is wonderful and packed with lots of wonderfully packed presents.
How many families would love that scenario.
The only saving grace is that at £4::99 most families can’t even afford the magazine, never mind the idealised Christmas.

Ali08 Thu 24-Nov-22 03:02:41

Those, and all the charity begging adverts, too!!!
Yeesh, we should OWN Africa by now!!

Spice101 Thu 24-Nov-22 03:51:57

Doesn't matter when or what the ad is for there will be people who are upset because that product is out of reach.

But as Kim19 says me being thoroughly miserable rather than acutely aware would serve nothing.

And in fact it might just inspire someone to make a donation or do something for someone who is less fortunate.

Forsythia Thu 24-Nov-22 03:52:23

I used to enjoy them but they are too woke for me now. Also, Christmas shouldn’t be about over consumption, the perfect family etc.

FannyCornforth Thu 24-Nov-22 04:46:09

Forsythia why do you think that Christmas ads are ‘woke’ now?
I don’t understand.
And VQ what’s PC about the M&S ad?
I must say that I haven’t seen many ads this year, as I mainly watch streaming TV.
I have noticed that the Morrisons ad involves an absolutely groaning table of food - quite objectionable at the best of times, totally inappropriate this year

Witzend Sun 27-Nov-22 10:38:28

Must admit I record most things I want to watch (not a lot now) and zoom through the ads.

As for Christmas in magazines, hasn’t it nearly always been so idealised? I do wonder who takes such things seriously. I still remember one such - IIRC it was in a Georgian rectory, or some such - several very artistically decorated trees - all colour coordinated of course - and a detailed description of a carefully planned (aka IMO regimented) Christmas Day - which included ‘everyone goes to the linhay for present opening’.
I will admit to 😂😂😂 - of course we all have a linhay, don’t we?

FannyCornforth Sun 27-Nov-22 11:10:24

I had to look up ‘linhay’ Witzend grin
Inspired by this, this year MrC and I will take to the shed to open our gifts. (If we can get the door open, of course)
He can recline on the old milk crate in there, while I will perch glamorously on the old wobbly shower stool that has been relegated to the shed.

I will post the results on Instagram of course.

Blossoming Sun 27-Nov-22 11:45:35

I never see the Christmas ads as I don’t watch TV. Thanks for the tip though Fanny and Witzend, am now trying to decide if we should have presents in the shed or the greenhouse.

Witzend Sun 27-Nov-22 11:55:32

Blossoming and FannyCornforth, 😂😂

I still haven’t looked up linhay, and that article was years ago!
Probably in GH, which I still used to buy now and then before realising that 70% of it was ads.

JaneJudge Sun 27-Nov-22 11:57:36

I haven'tnotcied many adverts either Fanny

Alioop Sun 27-Nov-22 12:38:24

The only one I really enjoy every year is the Guinness black and white one, the tune is lovely. 'Don't forget to turn the lights off'....

sweetcakes Sun 27-Nov-22 13:44:13

The one I hate the most is the one for the celebration tubs all that whoop whooping everywhere drives me mad and even M&S ad is boring it on so often!

Witzend Wed 30-Nov-22 13:27:30

I rather like the Morrisons Farmer Christmas one seen for the first time the other day. Gdd1 at 3 always called him Farmer Christmas!

Oreo Wed 30-Nov-22 13:45:03

Christmas has been idealised for donkeys years, nothing new there.
Probably the ad makers are trying to be a bit more understanding of how shoppers feel with less money this year so the ads are a bit on the woke side and yes, boring really.
They’re businesses though so expect back to normal by next year.
No Christmas ad has stood out for me this year, Kevin the carrot is always fun tho.