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Competition: share your memories of the Queen

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KatGransnet (GNHQ) Mon 07-Sep-15 11:50:55

If you're a 'royalist' and/or a true fan of Queen Elizabeth II, you may be aware that on 9 September 2015 Her Majesty is set to become the longest reigning British Monarch – passing the record set by her great-great grandmother, Queen Victoria, of 63 years and 7 months.

We'd love to hear about your memories of the Queen - whether it be something you watched on telly or if you were at the gates waving her to the throne back in 1953.

We'll pick three posters from this thread to win Gibson's Our Queen: The Longest Reign puzzle, featuring the most beautiful highlights of her reign so far.

This competition closes at midday on Friday 11 September. Usual T&Cs apply.

Riverwalk Mon 07-Sep-15 12:49:34

Her Highness ??

Riverwalk Mon 07-Sep-15 12:54:38

A rather badly-written post GN!

beautiful highlights hmm

Also, one doesn't have to be a 'royalist' or a 'true fan' to be aware of the facts.

hildajenniJ Mon 07-Sep-15 13:13:09

When I was six years old The Queen and Prince Philip visited Carlisle. My three year old sister and I, along with our parents, took a bus from our home to our Aunt's house on Wigton Road. The Royal Cars were to pass by during the afternoon.
Unfortunately, the day was rainy and cool. None of us were keen to stand on the roadside and get drenched, so we watched from the living room window. I remember seeing the cars pass the house, but I didn't see the Queen. I was awfully disappointed, and have never had the opportunity to see her since, except on the television. sad

hildajenniJ Mon 07-Sep-15 13:15:11

I agree Riverwalk. The correct for of address for a Queen, or any monarch, is Your Majesty.

Elegran Mon 07-Sep-15 13:35:21

I believe that in conversation with her (should one find oneself in such an elevated situation) the correct thing is to address her as "Your Majesty" at first, and thereafter as "Ma'am".

rosesarered Mon 07-Sep-15 15:36:43

ma'am should rhyme with jam!

rosesarered Mon 07-Sep-15 15:46:10

I saw her in about 1996 when she came with the Duke, on a visit to my son's school. I had never realised how tiny she was, she was very friendly and managed to feign an interest in everything. She wore pale turquoise, and looked much younger than her age.My son had to stand by his artwork
[it was GCE level stuff] along with a line of others and their artwork, fervently hoping that he wouldn't be spoken to, and to his relief wasn't.The Duke did speak to a boy further along the line after inspecting his art, and my son asked the boy afterwards what he had said, as that particular boy was 'the ace' at art and the Duke had said....... " Oh, I bet it took you ages to do that!" grin

durhamjen Mon 07-Sep-15 16:15:56

I read a comparison between her and Victoria yesterday. I had always thought she was tiny from when we saw her when she visited Peterborough, but apparently she is 5' 4". That's not tiny.

Annie29 Mon 07-Sep-15 16:24:49

I saw her when I was about 11 in Devon. Mum took me to Brixham and we stood on a clifftop and saw Britainia sail past. We then drove to Exeter and saw her drive past the RD and E hospital. I remember she wore a yellow outfit and was petite. As she drove past no one seemed to make a noise,maybe people were more reserved then.Mum filmed her on an old cine camera.I was very pleased to have seen her.

crozziefan23 Mon 07-Sep-15 17:21:05

I went to Edinburgh for a few days B & B with my parents when I was about 12 and we went up to Holyrood House but it was closed as there was a medal presentation to the soldiers by the Queen and it was just starting. My dad walked my Mother and me round the high wall and there was a gate where a soldier had been let through as he wasn't feeling well. An officer saw the three of us and he sneaked us in at the very back and we had a lovely view of the Queen for a short time before she moved down the line of soldiers. I was fascinated by how small she was walking beside an officer who was explaining to her about the soldiers.

henetha Mon 07-Sep-15 17:48:49

I saw the Queen when she visited Torquay on her Silver Jubilee tour in 1977. My son, who was 13 at the time came with me. Children were allowed through the barrier to sit on the ground when she did a walk about near the seafront. She came very close to us and spoke to Steve (my son), asking him if he lived in Torquay. What I remember most is how lovely she looked in a striped navy and white floaty dress and coat, and with perfect skin.
The local newspaper printed a photo of Steve kneeling at her feet, but referred to him as being a girl! He was mortified!

rosequartz Mon 07-Sep-15 18:30:29

Her Majesty

Not even Her (Royal) Highness

Please don't embarrass us, GN.

jinglbellsfrocks Mon 07-Sep-15 19:19:00

shock !!! My God! her highness?!!!

Come on. hmm

And what's with the 'or'. Can't you be a royalist and a true fan of the Queen?

jinglbellsfrocks Mon 07-Sep-15 19:24:06

I saw the Queen as she came out of Sandhurst, after one of the boys had been officer-ised. There was only me standing there. Well, DS was standing a few paces away pretending not to know me. hmm The Duke nudged the Queen and she leaned across and waved specially to me. I was practically presented that morning. Beaming smile

I hope she didn't notice how grubby the glove on my waving hand was! blush

Ana Mon 07-Sep-15 19:35:08

At least you were wearing one, jing! smile

rosequartz Mon 07-Sep-15 19:45:07

Gloves>? My word, you are posh! (or was it winter?)

jinglbellsfrocks Mon 07-Sep-15 20:00:22

It was Winter! Faded, fuzzy, pink woolly gloves. And grubby.

Ana Mon 07-Sep-15 20:08:53

She's probably short-sighted. I'm sure she didn't notice!

annodomini Mon 07-Sep-15 20:14:10

I remember her attending an air display at Leuchars air base when she was Princess Elizabeth. Then after the Coronation, she did a tour of Scotland, passing through our town. My uncle was the Provost and welcomed her, so we had a good view of her.

margaretstubbs Mon 07-Sep-15 22:08:18

yoah queenie

Elrel Mon 07-Sep-15 23:29:35

My parents took me, 13, to stay with a great aunt in London for the Coronation. As the great day promised to be rainy my father went alone into central London and returned very animated by the friendliness of the crowds to each other and having seen the Coronation procession. I had gone to a church hall and seen television for the first time, along with a lot of other people clustered around the screen. Satisfying at the time but I now wish we'd all gone to see the procession. Later in the week we walked along The Mall to see the decorations - and Her Majesty's car drove past!! I still cherish the black and white snap I took of her, she was wearing a close fitting white hat so her face could be seen well.

Grannyknot Tue 08-Sep-15 07:47:04

My sister was visiting from South Africa and we had been out and about sightseeing in London, as you do. At one point we were in the vicinity of Wellington Arch, there weren't many people around and suddenly there was a flurry of activity with motorcycles accompanying an approaching car as we waited to cross. We stood back to let them pass, and as the car drove past right in front of us, we exclaimed simultaneously "It's the Queen!" She looked straight ahead but we had a good look at her. Kind of made the day really.

Marmight Tue 08-Sep-15 08:28:53

During the centenary celebrations of the Forth Rail Bridge, Her MAJESTY and Prince Philip visited our village school and then departed the village by train from our award winning station. I had quite a good glimpse of her from the station forecourt before she boarded the train to take her back over the bridge to Edinburgh. That's the one and only time I have seen her in the flesh. She was very smiley and was, I think, enjoying her day wink

greenfinger5 Tue 08-Sep-15 10:13:37

I think she is doing very well for her age.