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Anybody feeling scared?

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Greymar Sat 14-Mar-20 19:43:31

Please could we make this a snipe free zone.

Stella14 Sun 15-Mar-20 19:59:05

I’m usually a calm person, but this situation is leaving me with a constant low level anxiety. It’s also interfering with my sleep a little and I’m having strange dreams. All of the evidence points to the UK being in the same position as Italy in about two weeks, and despite doing very little, not even testing in line with WHO advice, the British Government have, today, acknowledged that about 4 million people in the UK are likely to need hospital treatment. We simply don’t have the staff in the NHS to cope with this. Even for those of us who are self isolating (hubby and I are already doing so) and therefore, hopefully safe from the virus, it is going to be distressing and traumatic watching this play out.

Stella14 Sun 15-Mar-20 20:04:45

Correction, 7.9 million hospitalised, not 4 million

GreenGran78 Sun 15-Mar-20 20:34:48

I feel scared for all the people with bad health conditions, and those who are going to have financial and caring problems.
I am not scared for myself. I am a widow with my unmarried adult son living with me. I have a daughter and two adult grandchildren living nearby. Together we will muddle through, I hope.
My only problem - unimportant compared to many other peoples’ problems, is what is going to happen to my visit to Australia for my new grandson’s birth. The flight is booked for the end of April, but the trip is in limbo right now. I am lucky that this is my only difficulty, at the moment.
Best wishes to all of you with proper problems, not trivialities like mine. Stay well!

NanKate Sun 15-Mar-20 20:43:32

Yes Silverlining I too am concerned and long for the time when we went about our business without a care. Now the virus I feel is hanging over our heads.

I then think about how my parents coped during the war which went on for over 4 years, so I think we can all pull together as they, and millions of others did, and get through this testing time.

GN is a great way to feel part of a team.

You are not on your own Silverlining ?

rozina Sun 15-Mar-20 20:50:58

I agree with Greymar, I really don't want to isolate due to the loneliness of it all as I live on my own and without relatives. Let's hope the community are helpful to us all. I'm not sure what we do about hospital appointments I guess we still have to go even though we're supposed to be isolating as the Government say!

c6girls Sun 15-Mar-20 21:26:00

I'm not scared and children are still going to school, however, my ex, the dad is scaremongering the younger daughter and saying I shouldn't mix as in go out, etc and saying he's surprised school isn't closed, my opinion is if we get it then that is fate, we are all healthy so touch wood we will be OK, he has asthma, always has colds so hence his worry but scaring them is another thing I don't want them to have to deal with!!!

Pix5 Sun 15-Mar-20 23:19:50

I’m slightly concerned as I’m 59 and have underlying health issues. My husband won’t be careful and still goes out. He’s fed up with me. I feel like it’ll be a relief for him if something did happen to me.

Fatarse54 Sun 15-Mar-20 23:54:25

I am concerned maybe worried. I have survived cancer, and survived after having two heart attacks and surgery last summer, so because of these issues I am high risk. I just get upset at times at the thought of leaving my wonderful husband, my three sons and my adorable 2 year old grandson. Let's hope we all stay safe, good luck everyone.

Hypnoticlady Mon 16-Mar-20 00:21:12

I'm inclined to agree with your comments Artdecogram. I did post on here earlier with the similar comments but I think it has been removed as I cant find it now. Just take care and I pray that this virus dies out over the warmer summer months, which is what everyone is hoping for smile

Alishka Mon 16-Mar-20 00:25:02

As the news tonight has worsened, I'm now starting to worry rather. SO wish our govt was in line with the thinking of our European neighbours and close schools. I too am high risk - time to sign up to Morrisons home delivery I reckon.My best friend and her partner bought a do-er upper in France. She's over there, her partner, a nurse, is in the UK at present - wonder when they'll get together? Who knows? My family live in the US and their news isn't brilliant either. Thank the Lord (and Bill Gates or whoever) for enabling us all to keep in touch.

AlfiesGM Mon 16-Mar-20 02:49:16

I’m beginning to get worried sad I live with my daughter , we both have chronic asthma and my dd is also on immunosuppressants. It’s her birthday next weekend and I’ve booked a b&b in a quiet country area . For her sake I hope we can still go as she’s very depressed at the moment.
Lying awake worrying about it tonight!

fatgran57 Mon 16-Mar-20 05:18:56

For the first time I am worried. Daughter works at local supermarket, called in at lunch time said she had never seen anything like what was happening this morning.Absolute chaos.

Husband went around and got some bits and pieces but said shelvess were empty.

Tomorrow morning we seniors are allowed to shop between 7am and 8am before the rest of the people are allowed in.Don't know what will be available though.

Daughter also said that we had better not do school pickups etc at the moment, she is knocking off early to mind the children - she thinks we older ones may be at risk from the littlies.

She will be going back tonight as staff are very scarce. Also they are closing a couple of hours earlier than usual for the moment.

We are in Australia and just heard that our ANZAC day marches and meetings have been cancelled and this is not until April 25th.

Apparently local Meals on Wheels who take food to the elderly will be taking toilet paper to the old people - good idea.

Getting scarey now!

travelsafar Mon 16-Mar-20 06:57:23

I am very scared for my DH. He has COPD and i am terrified of picking up the virus and bringing it home to him. I am the one going out and doing the shopping, collecting medication and this morning taking the car for it's MOT. I am cancelling all my activities for now on that are social as i just can not take the risk. We no longer kiss we just fist bump and he stays well away from me when i get home until i have washed my hands and changed my clothes. My daughter is planning something for Mother's day and i think that will have to be cancelled too.sad.

talula Mon 16-Mar-20 07:02:24

I am scared, I am 70+ and have Asthma, if we have to go in to lock down for 4 months I can't imagine what will happen to us.

Whitewavemark2 Mon 16-Mar-20 07:18:53

My DH is in the highest risk category.

If he gets it he will be placed in the hopeless box, I am frightened for him, although he is being very stoical about it all.

Lizbethann55 Mon 16-Mar-20 09:21:46

I am still not sure that I get the reasoning behind closing schools. What would be the purpose of that? Younger children would need looking after which would mean that at least one parent from each family would have to stay off work, and what if that parent was a health worker? Older ones would be left to roam the streets and congregate in public places; sports centres, shopping centres, libraries etc spreading goodness only knows how many germs. And how many of us grandparents, who are most at risk, would be expected to become child minders? I am not trying to be argumentative, I genuinely don't understand the reasoning.

curvygran Mon 16-Mar-20 09:34:04

I’m scared that I might never again see my sons, small DGD and new baby due in May . They are in Australia, DS and DGD were due to visit in April but now cancelled. All travel plans on hold.I miss them so much !

LJP1 Mon 16-Mar-20 09:34:58

NANNAN, thank you for reading my post. I don't usually write because of the sniping.

I keep up to date with reliable science from Nature Briefing daily ( Please believe this rather than some of the misrepresentations on Facebook, etc.

I think the Government is doing the right thing (see:

I'm afraid you are right about the prospects for winter. If enough people can get infected and become immune and the vulnerable ones can get vaccinated or treated, we will be able to build up herd immunity. The epidemic will then die out without causing as many deaths as would happen, if we simply keep huddled in isolation and prolong the circulation of the virus.

Vulnerable people on radio- or chemo-therapy courses can improve their resilience by eating their 5-a-day to keep their friendly gut bacteria healthy and looking after their 'home' (your gut), It worked for me. The hysterectomy was quite uncomfortable for a week but I hardly noticed the radio-therapy (a longer course for polyps and I was delighted when I found my bladder could hold over a litre, which is a comforting thought when I'm crossing my legs in a supermarket queue). Vitamin supplements boost immunity too.

Also being in the open air is safe, as breaths rise out of the way. This happens in tall rooms e.g. churches too and they are warm.

Surfaces of brass or copper kill germs, other grab handles, etc.. need more frequent cleaning.

I send commiserations to Grans who are worried about relatives and friends (my DH is vulnerable so I realise what is involved). I hope those of you who have had to cancel family visits and holidays can rearrange in due course and not be too disappointed.

GILLYBOB; I meant secretarial type work not face to face, as I imagine you realised grin

Margs Mon 16-Mar-20 10:21:11

I'm not even remotely bothered by the Coronation Chicken Virus but I am concerned that the UK and other governments are shamelessly whipping up panic in order to slide God knows what policies and laws under the radar whilst we are occupied fighting each other over bog rolls.

Remember Tony Blair's advisor Jo Moore and the 9/11 Twin Towers disaster? She crassly fired off an email to all gov. depts. excitedly informing them that "today is a good day to bury bad news."

Deja Vu?

gillybob Mon 16-Mar-20 11:15:30

Of course I knew what you meant LJP1 smile it just annoys me when “the powers that be” assume everyone can just stop what they’re doing and work from home .

paddyanne Mon 16-Mar-20 11:36:36

LJP1There is no vaccine ,nor is there likely to be one this year and maybe next ,Herd immunity doesn't mean we should leave vulnerable people to die.Although the DWP might say differently as they've been operating that sytem for 10 years.CV is a godsend to DWP ,loads of folk dying that they cant be blamed for or have to burn the files as they did before .

Lizbethann55 Mon 16-Mar-20 11:43:27

Just been to Aldi. Much busier than usual on a Monday, but no sense of manic panic. In fact everyone seemed much friendlier than usual. But it is obvious that if you are really concerned about what you eat there are no problems at all. There is as much fresh fruit, veg, meat and fish as you could possibly want. So bulk cooking and freezing is the answer.

Daisyboots Mon 16-Mar-20 12:04:49

I am in Portugal where the government are tackling things in a totally different way to the UK. Schools have been closed but so has everything else where young people may gather including the beaches. Pupils have been told that they have to stay at home do the school work provided and not meet up in groups. Parents with children under 12 need one of them to stay at home and the government are paying 33% of their wages. Grandparents should not look after the children the government says. We aren't in complete lockdown like Spain but our land borders are closed as from this morning and only delivery lorries and cross border workers are allowed in or out. This is good because a lot of Spanish have been driving into the Algarve to avoid the lock down in Spain and they could be bringing the virus with them given how prevalent it is there.
I have cancer and am due to start more chemotheraoy this week so am in the at risk category. My husband has done any shopping needed and visits to the chemist for medication. Other than going to the hospital this week we are not going anywhere. Shops have been very busy over the last 3 days but nothing like the stampede in the UK . My husband has PTSD so my greatest worry is that the situation brings him down. He had flu before this all started and that made him very low and depressed especially as he worries about me.

Bodach Mon 16-Mar-20 12:22:06

Timor mortis conturbat me (Fear of death troubles me).
When I was younger, the nature of my work put me in some uncomfortable scenarios. Then (and now) I found myself drawn to the poem "Lament for the Makaris" by the 15/16th Century Scottish poet, William Dunbar, lamenting the deaths of various poets, writers and artists (Makaris = Makers). The spelling is of his time, but quite accessible. He starts by writing
"I that in heill was and gladness
Am trublit now with gret sickness
And feblit with infermite
Timor mortis conturbat me."
and goes on to note that no-one: strong or weak; young or old - is immune from the clutches of Death ("He takis the knychtis in to feild, anarmit under helme and scheild") ("That strang unmercifull tyrand, takis, on the moderis breist sowkand, the babe full of benignite"), then lists the various Makaris who have died (including such notables as Chaucer), before ending with the verse in which he comes to terms with the inevitability of his own eventual death:
"Sen for the deid remeid is none,
Best is that we for dede dispone,
Eftir our deid that lif may we;
Timor mortis conturbat me."
It's a lovely poem, which calls down the ages, and puts day to day anxieties into perspective. It's easily found on the internet.

Maggiemaybe Mon 16-Mar-20 12:32:02

I’ve just popped into our Coop and Sainsburys. No panic, no empty shelves, nothing missing at all apart from (most of) the toilet rolls and all the hand sanitiser. I’m sick of reading silly rumours that panic vulnerable people. I went to book my usual online shop yesterday and couldn’t get a slot this week, but there were plenty from next Tuesday onwards (Tesco). Someone posted a picture on our local Facebook group of the queue of seven or so shoppers outside Lidl yesterday morning, inviting outraged comments. This was a minute before it opens and it’s quite usual for this number of people to be waiting. There are certainly no “stampedes” going on round here.