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Anybody feeling scared?

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Greymar Sat 14-Mar-20 19:43:31

Please could we make this a snipe free zone.

Greymar Sat 14-Mar-20 20:31:11

harrigran, of course you are important?

SueDonim Sat 14-Mar-20 20:34:18

flowers to those who have such worries about their loved ones.

I’m heaving with cold at the moment so feel sorry for myself. I’m sure it’s not CV but almost wish it was so I got it over and done with, if you understand.

I feel fairly well prepared and am also resigned to it but I’m also finding boredom creeping in already. I guess my main concerns are for a son who is a bad asthmatic and my mum in her 90’s, although she herself is sanguine about it and thinks it’s not she who is vulnerable, it’s ‘old people’, one of which she doesn’t count herself. smile

lemongrove Sat 14-Mar-20 20:35:23

Harrigran....don’t buy into the nonsense that because we are older ‘the government’ or the NHS will sit back and allow you to die.

Hetty58 Sat 14-Mar-20 20:35:55

I'm aware that this is very serious but I'm not scared for myself. The way I see life helps.

I've had a simply wonderful time (mostly), have a great family, am very fortunate - but I'm old.

Now I see every day as a 'bonus' and really appreciate things. The kids and grandkids should all be fine, that's the main thing for me.

lemongrove Sat 14-Mar-20 20:36:19 to love your Mum’s pragmatism and viewpoint.?

joannapiano Sat 14-Mar-20 20:36:21

Thank you, Greymar.
We try to maintain some normality in our lives and remain positive.

FlexibleFriend Sat 14-Mar-20 20:37:10

I'm concerned but not scared, I will take all necessary precautions but without going over the top. I don't usually catch colds or flu so hopeful this will pass me by too.

Jaffacake2 Sat 14-Mar-20 20:40:29

I think watching people in panic mode makes me scared. It was upsetting seeing people's reactions in the supermarket today. The obsession with stock piling food and toilet rolls almost is a way of folk feeling they can keep control of a scary situation. Yes you need to have sufficient supplies to self isolate if needed but this goes beyond that.

Pittcity Sat 14-Mar-20 20:40:59

Not scared. Feel it's all a bit surreal.
I know I would have died years ago if I'd been born a century earlier.

farview Sat 14-Mar-20 20:41:06

Wasnt..but am a little scared now..mainly because of children and grandchildren living overseas(Australia and Dubai) I was in Dubai for grandsons birth in January..due to go back in April but entry visas stopped from 17th March now...I want to hold him again, make the 3yr old giggle again,hug my Aussie granddaughters..have asthma &lupus...not being dramatic just feeling scared..taking precautions as advised..but H does not handwashing etc...will give myself a good talking to tomorrow...pull myself together..lots of people on here far worse off than me..

kittylester Sat 14-Mar-20 20:44:52

I'm finding it quite stressful and need a lot more sleep - always a sign that I'm worrying. I want much more time with my husband, children and grandchildren and I think they'd like me around too.

GabriellaG54 Sat 14-Mar-20 20:47:11

When and how will it all end?
In today's Mail online. Fights galore, Emergency paramedics attending fights, robberies and muggings of toilet roll and food and then the hocus pocus of cow pee.

boho43 Sat 14-Mar-20 20:47:15

I’m starting to feel very concerned now. Both my husband & l have cancer, therefore our immune systems are compromised, & we are both nearly 80. It’s a bit scary, even though we both feel fine.

We are starting to sort of self isolate. Cancelled going to great grandsons first birthday party today, as two family members have colds.

SirChenjin Sat 14-Mar-20 20:47:18

I agree Jaffa - the panic buying is just odd. Quite why the supermarkets (with support from the Govt) have been so slow to put stricter controls on stockpiling I don’t know. I served the supermarkets and went to our local chemist - plenty of soap and paracetamol, although limiting to 2 packs - and then to the local small Co-op where there was plenty of everything including pasta. I’ve also invested in an ear thermometer so I can monitor us all for raised temperatures.

On the downside we were meant to be flying to Budapest for our 25th anniversary soon to have a long weekend in a swanky hotel sans kids - that will be cancelled I’m sure.

Missfoodlove Sat 14-Mar-20 20:49:33

So sorry for Joanna and MaryDoll.
I fluctuate between panic and calm.
I do strongly believe that those of us that can limit our outings need to.
Unfortunately people are so stupid they will go to a packed supermarket to buy loo roll and probably infect themselves and others in the process.

Tuppence15 Sat 14-Mar-20 20:51:15

To be honest yes. My husband has underlying health conditions and I feel the government sees that as a reason to be expendable. I was due to see my daughter and grandson at Easter but this will now not be possible. I probably won’t see them for another twelve months. I didn’t panic buy several weeks ago and can no longer get some of the things required, particularly hand sanitiser. My eighty year old mother has just informed me that a son of her best friend,who visited her a week ago has been positively diagnosed so she is now worried. It’s all too real.

BlueSky Sat 14-Mar-20 20:54:07

Joanna and everybody else who already have a lot on their plate without this added

chris8888 Sat 14-Mar-20 20:54:32

A little scared to be honest I think what Boris said about being prepared to lose loved ones before their time is scary.

Urmstongran Sat 14-Mar-20 20:58:13

We are in Spain. We are in lockdown.

It’s a bit scary now it’s happened. We are as safe here as anywhere but it’s eerily quiet. Went for what turned out to be our last walk this afternoon. All bars, restaurants, schools, parks are closed for 15 days. Everyone is only allowed to leave home for the supermarket or pharmacy. A Spanish neighbour told us it was on the local radio that police will be on the streets checking why anyone is out and about. So no walks along the paseo or anywhere really. We have 2 big supermarkets right over the road in each direction plus we have supplies in - there are only the two of us.

We have private medical insurance. I just have a silly slight anxiety - what if one of us feels ill? I will freak out if I wake in a night with a fever. It is much bigger now this has happened.

This is not some mild virus. France is on lockdown too tonight apparently. This is more than just bluddy flu with governments taking this kind of action. I fear the worse and admit to feeling a bit scared. I worry governments aren’t telling the whole story because of panic.

I just feel low-level scared right now. I’m fine if we stay well. The whole concept of lockdown is like some sci-fi film when it happens. No cars on the road, no pedestrians. I can hear a dog barking. All these houses and apartments all around us and we are all shut inside, worrying.

EllanVannin Sat 14-Mar-20 20:59:55

Yes, Merlotgran, I think it's going to cover the best part of the year too. We're in for the long-haul I'm afraid.

For people like Joanna it's a real worry. Yet to worry isn't good for us either as it plays havoc with the body's ability to fight against illness, but what are you supposed to do in such a situation ?

GabriellaG54 Sat 14-Mar-20 20:59:56

Well, I'm not worried. I have no food at home and no more than possibly 6 individual loo rolls as I've been away for 3 weeks but I'll survive.
On the plus side, there are only about 100 people on St Martins and no supermarkets or mass gatherings.
I might stay a while longer instead of returning on Monday. smile

Scentia Sat 14-Mar-20 21:02:29

We had our last visit to FiL home tonight as they are closing it down to outsiders until further notice. My FiL said as we left. “I may not see you again, so take care of yourselves” how sad for him, to be now sat there, waiting to see if he catches it or not❤️ He is reliant on the staff to keep him clean and free of the virus I suppose.

Greymar Sat 14-Mar-20 21:03:37

What does isolate mean? can you go to local shops?

GabriellaG54 Sat 14-Mar-20 21:05:52

Isolate = keep away from others.

SirChenjin Sat 14-Mar-20 21:08:00

If you’re showing symptoms of C19 and you’re self isolating then you shouldn’t go out in case you infect others Greymar - hence the stockpiling