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mcem Sun 15-Mar-20 11:00:02

Cristiano Ronaldo is opening his hotels as hospitals to treat the virus and is footing all bills to run them.
Where are our philanthropists?

EllanVannin Sun 15-Mar-20 11:12:46

On one thread someone had posted that pensioners in Australia were given financial assistance towards buying in groceries. I don't know if this covers all the states but whichever state it is it's a kind and helpful gesture to many as they approach their Autumn.

" Lock us away " is our war-cry. sad

Callistemon Sun 15-Mar-20 11:33:37

I'm not sure , I didn't hear that EllanVannin, but I did hear that everyone on benefits in Australia is to be given A$780? However, that was to stimulate the economy.

State pensions in Australia are not automatic, they are a means tested benefit.

Callistemon Sun 15-Mar-20 11:34:20

Sorry, A$759

mcem Sun 15-Mar-20 12:10:58

The owners of a corner shop in Stenhousemuir are acquiring, packing and delivering packs to older customers.
Packs contain soap and hand sanitiser.

sodapop Sun 15-Mar-20 12:13:53

That's a kind thought mcem I wonder how many of these small acts of kindness go unreported. It would be good to hear about them instead of constant doom and gloom.

eazybee Sun 15-Mar-20 12:29:49

Just found a notice slipped through my door from the family in my road who collect food for the food banks at Christmas, which I support, offering help for shopping, collecting prescriptions etc.
Very kind.

paddyanne Sun 15-Mar-20 13:03:05

Our town has started a coronavirus group.anyone who needs anything can msg on FB and it will be delivered ,its allsorts of
folk small businesses,nurses ,just jo public with a van and they're organising a card systen for people to put in their windows if their not online.

POGS Sun 15-Mar-20 13:19:12

My lovely neighbours know I have Bronchiectasis and have been self isolating for 2 weeks now.

They phoned yesterday to say they were going shopping did we want anything, what more can you want ?

It is up to me to behave in an appropriate manner to try and protect myself and whilst it cannot be an instruction if others try and do what they can to help those known to be in the 'High Risk' category that is the way to keep things ticking over to the best of our ability.

We have to be pragmatic.

NanaandGrampy Sun 15-Mar-20 13:51:29

Our village has set up a help scheme on a FB Page. Our postman put cards through all doors with contact details . If you need anything it can all be arranged.

Our baker, butcher, grocer, newsagent and chemist are all delivering free of charge too. We have even arranged a twice weekly phone call chat to any that live alone to check on them and just hear another voice.

I am so proud of the village and the care offered by many, many younger people for older residents.

lemongrove Sun 15-Mar-20 14:02:55

We have a very friendly and helpful village, which is fortunate as there are many older people living here.Most of our neighbours are of a similar age or older.
We are having Ocado deliveries, but family will help out if we need it.

Tooting29 Sun 15-Mar-20 14:05:03

Our village has put something on its website for help and assistance.

grannyactivist Sun 15-Mar-20 14:36:15

My town is already being proactive in helping people. The FoodBank has an excellent contingency plan in place, the local Spar shop has an army of volunteers ready to make deliveries, individuals are offering all kinds of help.

One of the best responses is from our local amateur photographers who give us daily reminders of the beauty that surrounds us. smile

tessagee Sun 15-Mar-20 17:54:15

I can only pass on the lovely story about a small prducer of gin who had a lot of 90% stuff left over which he mixed with a quantity of aloe vera gel and passed to local nurseries and care homes for free to use as sanitizer. I'm assuming that he knew what proportion of each ingredient to use so that it was safe.

Nandalot Sun 15-Mar-20 18:15:26

Our local Nextdoor Neighbour site has offers of help for any one needing it at this time.
Christian Reynaldo’s offer seems a lot better than the bill from the private hospitals for the NHS to use their beds.

mcem Mon 16-Mar-20 09:06:52

The owner of a local app development company is urging his 150 employees to go shopping for a vulnerable neighbour, spend £50 and submit an expenses claim.
He'll foot the bill!

Shelmiss Mon 16-Mar-20 09:14:06

Apparently the Cristiano Ronald story is fake news.

Shelmiss Mon 16-Mar-20 09:14:22


mcem Mon 16-Mar-20 09:58:55

Well that's sad but I know the posts about local initiatives are genuine so let's hope there are lots more like that!

Nonnie Mon 16-Mar-20 10:41:08

Some lovely stories here, unfortunately lots rely on people being able to use the Internet.

I have one to add. A friend of mine who has school age children has posted on Facebook that she will feed any child who needs school meals if they are off school. She doesn't need to know them.

I saw the card system on SM and also a suggestion that if you need help you hang a ribbon, tea towel or something else from your front door so that people passing can see you need help. Don't know how to get that message to people not on SM though.

Callistemon Mon 16-Mar-20 11:48:37

Tessagee there are recipes online so I presume he checked carefully; that would be the pure alcohol which is what is needed.
This will bring out the best in most people like that man, the worst in others, like those selling tiny bottles of hand gel online for £70!

GracesGranMK3 Mon 16-Mar-20 11:55:26

I am not surprised to find the OP is fake news (honestly reported on here of course). I think we must all just do what we can and just ride this out. Of course, people will be helpful where they can.

bongobil Mon 16-Mar-20 12:06:17

The villages some of you live in sound lovely and so much kindness shown to people. What a shame the whole country is not acting in this way.

littleflo Mon 16-Mar-20 12:14:22

In contrast to Richard Branson who has in hand out.

Tamayra Mon 16-Mar-20 12:19:26

Here in Australia we aged pensioners are getting $750 each in the hopes that we will spend it & boost the economy
We are also getting a petrol voucher from the road authorities for $250
Fire recovery payments are filtering thro too