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Panic buying!!!

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ayse Sun 15-Mar-20 11:22:15

I’ve just been to my local Aldi and it’s far busier than it was at Christmas time. In fact, I’ve never seen it that busy, ever!
People looked as if they were planning on feeding the five thousand!


I’m wondering if the message not to panic has had the exactly opposite effect? So many people had their trolleys stuffed with their favourite treats but far less fruit, veg and what I call proper food. I did breath a small sigh of relief because those are things I generally buy. The only exception was milk. It was nearly all gone.

What does anyone else think?

MamaCaz Sun 15-Mar-20 11:31:58

Our local Aldi was the same this morning.

DS was there just before opening, only wanting a couple of items. He video-called me to show me the scene. There were queues along the side of the building waiting to enter, and a constant river of people rushing across the carpark to join them. (This Aldi is in on the outskirts of a very small rural town, not in a built-up area!)

He wisely decided not to stay there!

rafichagran Sun 15-Mar-20 11:42:00

I have had the same. I only wanted a couple of bits, the queue was long got abuse from passing people calling out diarrhoea arse to the people waiting. One person said I hope they are the one's for the cull. People are now getting nasty.

MamaCaz Sun 15-Mar-20 11:42:16

Meanwhile I tried to do my first online grocery shop in nearly ten years.

First of all, the first available delivery slot was not until a week tomorrow. That was ok, as I have enough in stock to last till then.

Secondly, it was taking me so long to find the items I wanted (either site or my laptop was very slow) that I was probably going to have to check out before I had finished, then go back in to add to the order.

The final straw was finding that a lot of the basics that I wanted - tinned tomatoes/baked beans/ soup etc. - were out of stock anyway right now. That made me realize that by the time the order was delivered , there was a good chance that several of the things I had just ordered would be unavailable on the day anyway.

At that point, I decided to abandon it, and instead will take my chances at the supermarket during the week, hopefully at a quiet-ish time!

MamaCaz Sun 15-Mar-20 11:45:34

BTW, ds said that the vast majority of those piling in to Aldi were smartish-looking 30-something men confused
Maybe that are out shopping for their parents or grandparents?

Calendargirl Sun 15-Mar-20 11:53:36

I had a personal message from the boss of Sainsbury’s this morning, assuring me that if people shopped sensibly and only bought usual amounts then there would be enough for everyone. Also to help the elderly and housebound if required.

GracesGranMK3 Sun 15-Mar-20 12:05:40

I think they are on top of it at the supermarkets. I received an email about deliveries a few days ago.

Responding to the latest guidance and advice from the World Health Organisation and the Government, we’re making some practical changes to our delivery service from 13th March in order to protect the wellbeing of our customers and our colleagues.

You may notice that delivery slots for our online groceries service are becoming less readily available as demand for home deliveries increases. We’re working hard to facilitate as many orders as we can, however please be aware that you may need to book your slot further in advance than usual.

You will also discover that there is a maximum order number on selected products so we can make sure our customers still have access to essential products.

On the doorstep & self isolating

When it’s time for your order to be delivered, it’s essential that you let us know if you are self-isolating so our delivery drivers can take the necessary precautions when fulfilling your order. This will include placing your order on your doorstep and contacting you via telephone to ensure it’s received. As such, please make sure your contact details are up to date in your account, and update us on your isolation status under the ‘delivery instructions’ section of your account.

Carrier bag return

Please also be aware that, as a temporary measure, our delivery drivers will be unable to bring your shopping into your home, or to take your bags away with them. Please hang onto them and return them to us in due course, when we’ll ensure you’re refunded for them as usual.

Thank you for your ongoing support as we work through these challenges.

I was impressed. There will be some who have difficulty if the shopping is not brought in but we need to find a way to overcome this - shopping trolly perhaps or ensure the delivery coincides with carer or family visit while the person stays in a bedroom. I don't know but I do know we are nothing if not inventive smile

ayse Sun 15-Mar-20 12:13:54

I live in a relatively impoverished area and most of the folk in my Aldi looked as if they were part of the local population. If this lunacy continues I hope the government/retail industry will consider rationing of essential items.

One confession, I bought a jumbo role of kitchen towel just in case there is no toilet paper to be had, as I’m getting a bit short.

Riverwalk Sun 15-Mar-20 12:52:33

Just had an Ocado delivery - all well nothing missing.

I'm not surprised to be honest that some people are stocking-up - we are led to expect that in the next few days things will get serious e.g. schools closing, over 70s staying indoors, etc.

Plus if we go down the Continental route, restaurants, bars, shops closing, everything in fact other than pharmacies and food shops.

Riverwalk Sun 15-Mar-20 12:55:50

Be careful not to block your loo Ayse with the kitchen towel!

Fiachna50 Sun 15-Mar-20 13:01:32

Ive said on other threads the supermarkets should have got a grip on this weeks ago. Why are people being allowed to buy 15 bottles of anything! It is ridiculous. Asda was just crazy this morning and yes, like another poster one or two folk were getting quite nasty. I understand people are worried or even downright terrified, but this is a time for cool heads and measured thinking. The supermarkets are seriously needing to stop people buying vast amounts of anything! Items are vanishing quicker than the staff can put them on the shelves.

3nanny6 Sun 15-Mar-20 13:05:37

There has been a few threads on about panic buying so we know it has been going on for nearly two weeks.
Only reporting to all that my bigger Sainsburys on Friday was out of the usual items that many are stockpiling.
1, Toilet Rolls, 2,Pasta 3, UHT/long-life milk, 4, bleach, surface wipes, disinfectant, low on fabric conditioner, only few tins of beans were remaining.
All other items were okay.
It makes me wonder because a head manager came on tv this morning saying that there is enough of everything and shelves get filled as soon as they become empty.
All I keep seeing is those items I have mentioned are constantly empty every time I go into the shop.

Washerwoman Sun 15-Mar-20 13:16:16

My daughter couldn't infant Calpol for her little one who is teething.I have just called in to a local corner shop and it had it in plus loo roll.So I bought her a bottle but left the loo roll on the shelf for someone else as we already have plenty, and we have a bidet. There was plenty of stuff in there to cobble a meal together need be.Then I drove past a large Aldi.It looked insane in the car park alone.I dread to think what it was like inside.Unless I'm self isolating I will be using the little shops to help them keep afloat.And having used Ocado for years and paying a monthly pass but not able to get a slot they won't be getting my custom for a while anyway.

Daisymae Sun 15-Mar-20 13:31:27

My daughter went shopping yesterday and it was mayhem. Worse than Christmas. Lots of things impossible to get.

nonnasusie Sun 15-Mar-20 13:38:46

I skyped my son this morning and he said that his local Asda was worse than Christmas. It's not too bad here in Italy yet.

ayse Sun 15-Mar-20 13:42:01

River walk, thank you for the heads up on loo blocking. I lived in Turkey for a bit and no paper could be flushed away so most people had a small covered bin and/or a flexible hose. I’ll have to get a little bin if it becomes necessary.

At least I’m not alone in thinking that craziness is taking over. It reminds me of mu Gran in the1950s who kept a huge cupboard full of sugar, just in case!

EllanVannin Sun 15-Mar-20 13:45:14

So sad at what society has come to---an every man for himself mentality and sod the rest.

GracesGranMK3 Sun 15-Mar-20 13:54:06

Only if you chose to see it that way EllanVannin. Otherwise, it's a not unexpected reaction to an unknown and untested event.

It will calm down when people's cupboards are full and I imagine even those who have shopped online for years but cannot get a slot will be able to when they take on more vans and drivers who, I have to say, are being very brave delivering to all and sundry.

GracesGranMK3 Sun 15-Mar-20 13:56:09

I spoke (on messenger) to my son earlier this morning. His parting comment was "Watched an episode of Chernobyl for some perspective. Inconvenience is one thing ..." It might be worth bearing in mind that others have already gone through much worse than no loo rolls.

EllanVannin Sun 15-Mar-20 13:57:45

You've only to look at the fights that have taken place, GracesGranMK3. Did it have to come to that ?

Shandy57 Sun 15-Mar-20 14:08:06

I've moved to a rented cottage and have to keep my puss cat in for three more weeks, so went to Pets at Home to get her favourite cat litter this morning - none left. The manager said that the store made twice as much money yesterday as the year before, people are stocking up on unexpected items.

It has turned my mind to self sufficiency. I am going to start planning a veg garden for when I sell my house/buy a new one. I could eat potatoes all day, love them!

GracesGranMK3 Sun 15-Mar-20 14:10:53

EllanVannin People who fight over little will always fight over little. It's sad but not really caused by coronavirus, the government or the supermarkets. It is down to those who fight.

GracesGranMK3 Sun 15-Mar-20 14:16:44

When I have sorted out my new sewing room (dumping room from the move) I shall be catching up with all my UFOs Shandy and reading - oh and talking on the phone or messenger, etc. I do hope there is a way to get a walk and I do know it isn't easy for everyone and very worrying for those with elderly or frail relatives (I am only "older"), but I will try and make the best of it. When I can't I will come on GN and hope someone else is feeling more positive than I am.

bikergran Mon 16-Mar-20 06:33:04

Was at work yesterday it wa slike christmas but double!! did eventually calm down..

Asda now has limits 2 packs t roll, 2 packs nappies, 2 baby milk

GracesGranMK3 Mon 16-Mar-20 10:33:30

Apparently, some shops - Iceland seems to be one - are going to be open from 7 a.m. for over 70s only to stop "shelf stripping". Also, some of the shops are setting out their own rationing - only 2 packets, etc. It will happen. Most of us cannot think of anything like this we have lived through before as an adult (unless you are well into your 90s). It may take a while but it will get sorted food-wise.