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Deni1963 Tue 17-Mar-20 09:02:53

I'm 57 and work as a nanny. One child has significant special needs ( 8 years old, but develop mental age 8 months) and a 3 year old. Both parents are consultants at the hospital and mum will be working directly with coronavirus patients.
The grandmas are self isolating ( they would usually be around to help). Thr 8 year old attends special school and 3 year old nursery.
I travel to work by bus.
I'm concerned about picking the virus up, and passing it on.
It's going to be a tough months and my concern is whether my employers have factored in the risks for me, as selfish as that is, as I have family too.

Luckygirl Tue 17-Mar-20 09:09:43

If they are consultants I am sure they have considered everything.

trisher Tue 17-Mar-20 09:14:50

I don't know if they have, have you asked them? Have you considered the risks yourself and what you should do? You need to have a conversation.