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vegansrock Wed 18-Mar-20 08:30:46

I mentioned this on another thread but thought some people who are questioning the point of social isolation and missing their friends and families might take heed of the message from Giuseppe Conte, pm of Italy, who has gone up so much in the public’s esteem since the beginning of the crisis which has hit their country hard:
“ Distance ourselves today so we can embrace more lovingly tomorrow”.

ArtySue Wed 18-Mar-20 08:42:00

Amen to that. I have the virus so obviously am in isolation. Already have been so touched by offers of help. I have a new, young student (this is a Uni town) neighbour, met her twice but we exchanged phone numbers. Immediately the news came on about self-isolating she texted me offers of help. I have family and good friends nearby but somehow this reaching out from a virtual stranger gave me such encouragement. Meanwhile I am doing bits of cleaning and gardening I should have done long before now! Take heart all isolatees (???). XX

Iam64 Wed 18-Mar-20 08:59:39

keep safe

Whitewavemark2 Wed 18-Mar-20 09:03:52

That touched me veganrock

Curlywhirly Wed 18-Mar-20 09:08:56

I had a note posted to me yesterday with details of a lady offering to help anyone who was housebound. This person does not live in my road and is a complete stranger to me. How lovely was that? We are early 60s and should we need to isolate, have family close by to help, so we are fine, but what a lovely gesture.

Manmar2 Wed 18-Mar-20 09:22:24

What a lovely quote. Thank you fir posting. smile

Teetime Wed 18-Mar-20 09:50:27

Yes indeed a lovely quote.

My inspirational quote is less elegant but none the less helpful. As Churchill used to say 'Keep buggering on'.


Firecracker123 Wed 18-Mar-20 09:52:30

Or 'Don't let the buggers get you down' lol.

Lucca Wed 18-Mar-20 09:52:54

That’s pretty much what my DS said to me

Lucca Wed 18-Mar-20 09:53:33

Arty sue how are you feeling? All the best to you.