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A thread with links to reputable information

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suziewoozie Sat 21-Mar-20 23:31:30

How about a thread to provide people with links to reputable information about a variety of CV related issues and queries. Here’s an example (that has already been given on other posts)

Is it true that it’s dangerous to take ibuprofen when suffering from CV?

Here’s the link - this link will be updated if the information/ advice changes

suziewoozie Sat 21-Mar-20 23:58:03

Here’s a link (Royal College of Obs snd Gynae) that deals with any queries about CV and pregnancy if any GNers have pregnant DDsor DIL’s. It will be updated as necessary

suziewoozie Sun 22-Mar-20 00:05:19

Here’s a link to the evidence about how long the virus lives on different surfaces. Published by reputable source (National Institute for Health).This is not a live link so will not be updated so is the latest evidence at the date of this post

suziewoozie Sun 22-Mar-20 00:30:39

Here’s a link about the new advice for the most extremely vulnerable people starting from 23 March. Please note, this is a smaller group than the general vulnerable groups previously discussed. People in this group will be contacted by their GPs etc so will know they are in this group. They are very strongly advised to self isolate for 12 weeks from 23 March. The link is to a press release so accurate at today’s date