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Pokemon Go

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Pikachu Sun 22-Mar-20 15:06:48

As you can tell from my name I’m a Pokemon fan. Can I perhaps recommend this to others during this crisis?

It will get you out and about collecting pokeballs (ammunition) from Pokestops. You can use these to capture Pokemons you meet on your travels. There are ‘gyms’ (the name for sort of Pokemon castles) everywhere where you can battle to take control and leave your Pokemon guarding against future attacks. Or you can go into virtual battles with other players.

I started playing when asked by my neurodiverse grandson to keep him company and have found it a good hobby while I’m social distancing, It gets me out walking the streets and parks and I can avoid other people. Much of the thinking behind it is to encourage people to walk more.

Any other fans out there? Half expecting no replies ???