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Help for the self employed

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Dinahmo Sun 22-Mar-20 15:18:35

I've posted about this on Legal and Money but no one has read it.

As you are probably aware the self employed are getting few handouts from the government (this may well change) so I have started a petition on 38 Degrees to the Chancellor suggesting that some changes in the tax rules could be made. These will not help these individuals now but could make a difference to them in future when we get back to "normal"

Please take the time to read it - you may have friends or family who are self employed here's a link

Missfoodlove Sun 22-Mar-20 15:21:25

Thank you but the link isn’t working.

suziewoozie Sun 22-Mar-20 15:28:34

The self- employed and zero hours workers have been thrown under the bus whilst no doubt as we post, big tax avoiding corporations will have their accountants working overtime to inveigle every penny they can from RS’s package. Wait till we hear diwn the line who got what - and it won’t be my lovely self employed electrician that’s for sure

suziewoozie Sun 22-Mar-20 15:29:34

And RS is nowhere near the boy wonder his adoring fan base think he is - it’s just that bar is very low

suziewoozie Sun 22-Mar-20 15:30:16

He does have a good speech writer though

Jane10 Sun 22-Mar-20 15:34:06

And the economic brains to see what's going on and what's likely to happen. So easy to sit on the sidelines sniping away 😐

suziewoozie Sun 22-Mar-20 15:49:00

So what about the left out workers Jane They don’t matter? Other countries have come up with a solution

Dinahmo Sun 22-Mar-20 16:40:37

Jane10 Sorry but some sniping is needed.

There are about 5 million people who are self employed out there. A small percentage will make large profits but the majority don't. For several their sources of work have dried up. I have some clients who who work in the film industry who were told last week that the studios were closing at the weekend and so they have no work for the forseeable future.

I also posted on mumsnet yesterday and one poor lady who is a cleaner has lost all her clients and she sounds distraught.

I don't know why the link isn't working but in case I miss typed, here it is again.

suziewoozie Sun 22-Mar-20 16:43:22

Jane deplores sniping from the sidelines but not mindless cheerleading.

Jane10 Sun 22-Mar-20 16:52:35

I deplore many people susiewoozie.
Re self employed cleaners I have already arranged to pay mine in full in her absence by bank transfer. All employers could do the same.
DH is self employed btw.

Whitewavemark2 Sun 22-Mar-20 16:55:39

I’ve posted on a other thread what needs to be done on top of the measures Sunak has put into place.

The whole point is that it it will be extraordinarily short sighted if these people are not helped and the U.K. would be in danger of experiencing a degree of social unrest not seen for a very long time.

We have to ask ourselves what sort of society we want. Other countries have assisted the self employed during this period and so should would we.

A crises does not mean that democracy ceases. Criticism is a necessary process both to allow the majority in the U.K. who are not represented by this government to have a voice, and to hold the governments feet to the fire to ensure that all decisions are sound.