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Help? What help?

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gillybob Tue 24-Mar-20 15:36:29

I have been on hold to the bank for over 3 hours now. I doubt I will ever get put through. I have another line on hold to HMRC for a similar time. In the meantime I have had emails from my bank saying "we are here to help" DON'T MAKE ME LAUGH !

Rang the LA earlier and the lady answered straight away although admitted there was no one available for me to speak to !

I am slowly losing my will to live.

vampirequeen Tue 24-Mar-20 20:45:42

I've noticed I've been on hold longer than usual but 3 hours is excessive even in these weird times. Did they explain why you had to wait so long?

gillybob Tue 24-Mar-20 21:56:50

All the financial services phone lines are inundated with people who will not be able to pay their bills this week. Ditto the HMRC helplines. It’s fine for Boris to announce “help” but if you can’t speak to anyone or access their help online what’s the point ?

gillybob Tue 24-Mar-20 21:59:05

I’ve got it on fairly good authority that many people are self isolating (on full pay) whether they need to or not. No wonder the lights are on but no- ones home .

MerylStreep Tue 24-Mar-20 22:12:21

If your calls are going through a call centre in India there will be a problem. India has closed a lot of centres.

gillybob Tue 24-Mar-20 22:17:25

I was sitting on hold for more than 5 hours on 2 separate phones but all the time getting patronising emails saying”we are here to help” no one picked up and I was very hungry so I had to give up. I could almost picture them laughing at the callers giving up .

paddyanne Tue 24-Mar-20 22:53:37

hate to be fatalistic but there is NO help.My friend and his wife were told they can claim £24.75 a week ...thats for both of them .Self employed in seperate businesses.Its a disgrace.When they told a "friend" she said that surely they had shed loads of cash salted away because everyone knows the self employed fiddle their tax ...
There is supposed to be some help coming but what or when is still to be revealed.I hope its sooner rather than later for my friends and many like them .