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Good News!

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NotSpaghetti Sat 28-Mar-20 17:33:18

There were many less deaths than you would normally expect over this winter - according to "More of Less" on radio 4.

Pikachu Sat 28-Mar-20 16:31:24

Sorry Gaga x posts.

Pikachu Sat 28-Mar-20 16:30:35

Birmingham Airport has been commissioned as a make shift mortuary. It has a capacity of 12,000.

GagaJo Sat 28-Mar-20 16:29:12

It is worth trying to see things positively. Stay indoors. Don't break isolation. Yes, it's bad. BUT it could be worse.

Our mental health needs every slight hint of things improving.

growstuff Sat 28-Mar-20 16:22:51

The total number of deaths are doubling every three days. That means there will almost certainly have been over 6,000 deaths by the end of next weekend … and it won't stop there, although it will hopefully begin to slow down once the restrictions start to take effect (provided everybody sticks to them).

These are far higher than normal Spring pneumonia rates, which will be in addition.

There is no way that the total number of deaths will be 7,000 or less.

Pikachu Sat 28-Mar-20 16:17:42

No we don’t. It’s not a competition. This is about Coronavirus on top of ‘normal’ deaths. Are you saying Coronavirus is not a public health emergency?

notanan2 Sat 28-Mar-20 15:48:18

We need "normal" spring pneumonia death rates to compair.

AGAA4 Sat 28-Mar-20 15:45:19

The lockdown must be helping to reduce cases of coronavirus but the escalation is very alarming. There are still too many people ignoring the STAY AT HOME rule

Pikachu Sat 28-Mar-20 15:20:38

To only 7,000!

In the last twenty-four hours 260 have died. If there’s a slow down then it will show in the figures next weekend.

GagaJo Sat 28-Mar-20 14:58:14

Experts now think that if we hold firm with our lockdown, we MIGHT be able to massively reduce the UK's death rate.