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Johnson's letter...

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Labaik Sat 28-Mar-20 22:36:27

Is it true that he's writing to everyone in the UK to tell them things are going to get worse so please will they stay at home? Surely it's fake news? Postpeople have got enough on their plate without this.

Eglantine21 Sat 28-Mar-20 23:19:42

I think it’s called telling it how it is.

How many times do they have to say Stay at Home.!

janipat Sun 29-Mar-20 00:18:59

Given that he couldn't even follow through on their own advice..... social distancing, not shaking hands etc this is just a huge waste of money. How many who are not following the instructions now will even bother to read said missive? It needs tougher punishments for not following the rules, forget advice, make it lawfully compulsory!

heath480 Sun 29-Mar-20 00:32:08

It’s true the letter is on his Twitter page.

paddyanne Sun 29-Mar-20 02:39:21

How much money is this clown going to waste that could be used for things the country actually needs

.Ad campiagns for Brexit and anti Scottish Independence and now letters to everyone...millions of pounds that could buy masks for NHS staff or beds for sick people.

Couldn't make it up could you a PM who bumbles and blusters and gives false information and spends money thats needed elsewhere because he cant get his act together and do the job he's paid to do .

Summerlove Sun 29-Mar-20 03:09:26

Oh of course things are going to get worse.

Surely that’s not a surprise?