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More or Less R4 this morning

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suziewoozie Tue 31-Mar-20 09:28:53

Excellent ( as ever) clear explanations and interesting discussions.

Farmor15 Tue 31-Mar-20 13:29:10

Was that the one about Covid 19 statistics? That was excellent

Greeneyedgirl Tue 31-Mar-20 13:47:24

Very informative. I always listen to this, it provides balance. They look at the evidence and help to squash some of the media inaccuracies, and put statistical information in context.

Bridgeit Tue 31-Mar-20 13:58:53

Ohh wish I had heard it, could either you give us one or two
facts, may stop us from getting paranoid, thanks in anticipation.

suziewoozie Tue 31-Mar-20 14:10:23

Lisagran Tue 31-Mar-20 14:15:18

suziewoozie Tue 31-Mar-20 14:30:41

The links are to today’s programme and last weeks

Farmor15 Tue 31-Mar-20 15:44:05

The one I’d heard was least week’s - the link Lisagran posted. It made a lot of sense of risks for different age groups. Need to listen as hard to summaries accurately!

Farmor15 Tue 31-Mar-20 15:44:36


GrannyLaine Tue 31-Mar-20 16:11:33

Excellent programmes, thanks for sharing the links

varian Tue 31-Mar-20 16:17:32

More or Less is one of the very best programmes on radio or tv, and one of the very few produced by the BBC that I trust to tell the truth. Tim Harford is an excellent presenter who makes statistics very clear.