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Bed blocking

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silversurf Fri 03-Apr-20 20:06:37

Haven’t heard anyone mention this. As many virus patients are elderly what will happen if they recover, live alone but are not fit enough to care for themselves including those who need to be discharged from hospital after recovering from other conditions?
There are not enough care homes now, home care is hit and miss and convalescent homes now non existent.
This needs to be addressed urgently.

Pinkarolina Mon 06-Apr-20 19:54:56

I’m a nurse working in a care home. We have 4 empty beds and had stopped taking new admissions as we had 2 cases of suspected COVID 19, but will have to take new admissions from hospital or the community now as the bills and staff wages have to be paid. The home is run by a charity, there are no profits and has to break even. We are all kindhearted people and will be welcoming to the new admissions, but we are also frightened as we have woefully inadequate PPE . My partner found some goggles in his tool kit today and I’m taking them to work tomorrow. The home was in 14 day lockdown in March and 11 staff members volunteered to stay in the home, sleeping on the floor and working round the clock. We are not back to normal. The residents are isolated in their rooms and are not allowed any visitors. It is sad times indeed.

trisher Mon 06-Apr-20 20:43:17

Pinkarolina Thank you for the work you do. I have a friend who has just moved her husband into a charity run care home from a private one. She says the atmosphere is so different and the staff are so caring. It's made a huge difference to her life. I hope you get more PPE. Take carethanks