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Jane10 Sun 05-Apr-20 08:24:25

Just read that Catherine Calderwood the Scottish chief medical officer and her family drove to their holiday home in Fife for the weekend.
Apparently it was just to check on the security of the place. Hmmmm.
The only way to resolve that PR disaster would be for her to be charged and fined heavily for making an unnecessary journey just as one of us would have been.

SirChenjin Sun 05-Apr-20 10:02:18

except - not unless

Sussexborn Sun 05-Apr-20 10:02:48

If her car broke down or crashed she would then be tying up services that are desperately needed elsewhere. If she can drive for non essential reasons then others will think it reasonable to do the same. She is living under strain but so is the rest of the U.K. and many in a lot more discomfort. Others who tried to go to holiday homes were castigated. Those who aspire to be leaders need to set a good example not flout the rules so blatantly.

The royals and Carrie Simmonds all moved before the total lockdown so didn’t flout the rules. Some have very selective memories.

Fiachna50 Sun 05-Apr-20 10:03:14

I haven't heard about this, but if this information is correct, how on earth does she expect people to follow her advice, if she does not abide by it herself? Makes a mockery.

Greeneyedgirl Sun 05-Apr-20 10:08:17

I think those giving the nation advice should lead by example, and many have clearly not been doing so, including Johnson who was not 2 metres from the others on his podium when he gave the 'distancing' advice to the nation.
Many entitled people I fear, think that the guidance is just for the common herd.
Matt Hancock even faltered when asked if people could drive to a walk. He replied that a short drive was OK leaving people to interpret "short drive".

Sparklefizz Sun 05-Apr-20 10:17:09

Money talks. Just as with trying to persuade people not to use carrierbags, the charge of just 5p per bag gradually reduced the usage of them. Who would have thought it?

So I hate to say this but until people are made an example of and fined a large amount, such as £1,000, they will carry on doing their own selfish thing.

It would cause an outcry but would be enough of a short, sharp shock.

Chewbacca Sun 05-Apr-20 10:18:30

The question of why we shouldn't be driving anywhere, except to collect medication or necessary food shopping, was raised during our local online council meeting this week. The answer was that, if, whilst out in your car, you had an accident and required any of the emergency services, you'd be taking them away from their more urgent duties. And if, God forbid you ended up in A&E, you would be taking nurses away from treating extremely sick COVID patients.

NanaandGrampy Sun 05-Apr-20 10:20:30

My sister in Spain mentioned last night , if you go to the shop ( you must go alone) , you must have your shopping bag or you will be fined when stopped and as Jane said you must show your receipt when you are on your way home.

There’s no excuses and no exceptions .

Callistemon Sun 05-Apr-20 10:22:40

We'd all like to get away from it all, though.

I have heard so many self-justifications since this began earlier in the year from people who should know better.

She should be setting an example not bending the rules. Others will think, if she can go out in the car with all her family for a non-essential reason, why can't we?
Because you may put others at risk, that's why.

I think Chris Witty is excellent.

paddyanne Sun 05-Apr-20 10:24:59

Silly woman,she'll be crucified in the media for this..and rightly so.She cant expect the country to do the right thing and her do something else.That kind of attitude isn't what we want ,its more Boris' style .Disappointed in Cath ,she should know better .

Callistemon Sun 05-Apr-20 10:27:02

Surely she realised she wouldn't get away with it?

Has she resigned yet?

Granny23 Sun 05-Apr-20 10:33:36

Of course she shouldn't have done it but please don't sack her. She has been doing a sterling job so far.

The question rattling round in my brain is "who was spying on her? and why?"

Chewbacca Sun 05-Apr-20 10:36:17

She'll be deeply unpopular if we all end up in total lockdown as Matt Hancock has hinted at today. The few who think that the rules don't apply to them are making it worse for the majority who are keeping to the rules.

I reckon her political career has just taken a nose dive anyway Callistemon.

Jane10 Sun 05-Apr-20 10:36:20

Nieghbours at her second home.

Greeneyedgirl Sun 05-Apr-20 10:39:25

"Being in power is above the law. I am merely stating a fact" Otto Von Bismarck.
I pinched this quote from Peter Oborne's Twitter feed.

SirChenjin Sun 05-Apr-20 10:42:17

The people ‘spying’ on her were the residents of Earlsferry who were rightly very angry at second home owners ignoring the SG rules.

Chewbacca Sun 05-Apr-20 10:43:07

Spying Granny23? I'm stunned that you seek to defend her! She's in a position that requires her to be an example to her constituents, not tell them to follow the rules but she'll do as she pleases because they don't apply to her.
What if she'd had an accident whilst out driving? She would need the police, who are otherwise heavily involved in dealing with Covid-19. She could well need hospital treatment and then would be requiring doctors and nurses who are already stretched to breaking point with treating desperately ill victims of the virus.

She was irresponsible and arrogant and deserved to be reported, if indeed she was.

MissAdventure Sun 05-Apr-20 10:43:39

Entitled bloody fool. Disgraceful disregard for others.

Jane10 Sun 05-Apr-20 10:49:27

Police Scotland have already issued fines to 144 people for flouting the rules on this. Calderwood should be fined too - at the very least.
Ooh I'm so angry about this angry

Marmight Sun 05-Apr-20 10:49:50

Why not G23. She was doing wrong, she knew that so, she must expect to be caught out! Just as well some folk have a sense of duty! Its not clyping, its acting responsibly.

Luckygirl Sun 05-Apr-20 10:49:52

The risk of her action per se is probably very small as Baggs has pointed out.

But the point is the example she has set to all those of us who would love to drive somewhere; and the implication of her action is that the rules do not apply to her - we could all try saying that. "If she can do it why can't I?" I am sure we could all come up with some extenuating reason for breaking the rules.

I would like to drive over and see my OH's grave in the next village but one, but have not done so because the rule is no unnecessary journeys. A neighbour of the church is tending the flowers for me.......just as she could have got a neighbour to check her property.

Yorksherlass Sun 05-Apr-20 10:50:29

This woman has lost my respect , she has been on tv advising us on the Covid infomercials as well as the daily updates , what on earth was she thinking ! I might as well jump in the camper van and camp wild overnight to make sure the van is “ ok “ .
(I’m hearing cop cars chasing me up the A9 with the blues and twos going) , wonder if she will be on tv today ??

Shelmiss Sun 05-Apr-20 10:50:43

I don’t think she’s entitled but I do think she’s a bloody fool. Telling us to do one thing and doing an entirely different thing herself? Ridiculous and hypocritical.

Granny23 Sun 05-Apr-20 10:51:59

She is a public servant, not a politician.

MissAdventure Sun 05-Apr-20 10:53:03

Corona doesn't care who she is.

Chewbacca Sun 05-Apr-20 10:54:41

Apologies Granny23 that was my typo error. The rest of my post stands.