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Jane10 Sun 05-Apr-20 08:24:25

Just read that Catherine Calderwood the Scottish chief medical officer and her family drove to their holiday home in Fife for the weekend.
Apparently it was just to check on the security of the place. Hmmmm.
The only way to resolve that PR disaster would be for her to be charged and fined heavily for making an unnecessary journey just as one of us would have been.

grannybiker Sun 05-Apr-20 19:50:28

So all those who basked in the sunshine of our parks today will justify their actions - because SHE broke the rules, they will continue to do as they please. And it won't be just one or two. Three thousand in that London Park yesterday...

Jane10 Sun 05-Apr-20 20:10:50

3000?! Gosh. Oh dear.

SirChenjin Sun 05-Apr-20 20:24:32

3000 - it doesn’t bear thinking about sadangry

Callistemon Sun 05-Apr-20 21:23:11

If it's good enough for her, it's good enough for me.
She must know something we don't.
What's good for the goose is good for the gander.
If she can break the rules so can I - she knows what she's doing.
Why should I stay at home if she won't?

Etc etc.

She has given rise to so many excuses for ignoring the rules so how many deaths will be down to her?

suziewoozie Sun 05-Apr-20 21:42:38

For heavens sake - this thread is just getting ridiculous. I know you anti-SNP lot have had your day made by this but honestly?

suziewoozie Sun 05-Apr-20 21:46:16

Deaths down to her? What about bloody Charles who ran off to (one of his many) holiday homes? How many deaths down to him ? If he can do it I can do it blah blah blah. I can tell you the idiots at one of our local beauty spots yesterday don’t even know where Scotland is and care even less what anyone from there says.

SirChenjin Sun 05-Apr-20 21:48:35

Scotland is devastated.

SirChenjin Sun 05-Apr-20 22:10:30

I see she’s resigned

Callistemon Sun 05-Apr-20 22:20:37

I think there was another thread about Charles if you wish to vent your spleen on there, suziewoozie..
However, as Charles is not a CMO telling the rest of us what we must do, your outrage is irrelevant.

Callistemon Sun 05-Apr-20 22:23:47

Yes, I am not keen on the SNP, nor are any of my Scottish friends, we would prefer us to stay united.

But that is hardly the point, is it, as we know not whether or not the CMO is a nationalist. She is not a politician so you make a totally irrelevant point.

Jangran99 Sun 05-Apr-20 22:31:20

She has resigned,but that should have happened this morning when she met with Nicola Sturgeon.
This has done great damage to the judgement of the CMO and the First Minister.

suziewoozie Sun 05-Apr-20 22:34:00

I’m just pointing out the sheer hypocrisy on this thread - some of you have been beyond parody. It’s absolutely right she’s resigned, what she did was unforgivable and NS showed extremely poor judgement. But libelling her children and saying she’ll be responsible for 1000s of deaths just shows how some of you are totally incapable of serious political discussing when your ‘gotcha’ excitement got the better of you. And what PC does is obviously relevant.

suziewoozie Sun 05-Apr-20 22:36:03

I think NS will survive - our bloody government is surviving pursuing herd immunity. Don’t get too excited.

Callistemon Sun 05-Apr-20 22:38:29

No-one said 1,000s
I asked how many, you calculated it could be 1,000s
Posters feel sorry for her children as far as I can tell.

Follow her rules
(That goes for her and her family too)

janipat Sun 05-Apr-20 22:48:42

suziewoozie you do employ a lot of whataboutery. Charles is also wrong to relocate during the lockdown, but he hasn't attempted to hide the fact or told blatant lies about it. And as far as I'm aware he isn't flitting back and forth, but is still wrong. If he attempts to tell me I need to obey the rules I'll call him out for hypocrisy too.

SpringyChicken Sun 05-Apr-20 23:08:05

I saw on the news that she'd stayed at her holiday home two weekends on the trot!

suziewoozie Sun 05-Apr-20 23:18:02

Actually very few of us called our Sirs disgusting comments about her children. Anyway, CMO gone, NS will survive, PC carries on being the hypocrite he always has been. Nothing more to say really is there now?

Callistemon Sun 05-Apr-20 23:20:13

Well, you may not have no more to say but the rest of us ay reserve the right to speak if we wish.

Callistemon Sun 05-Apr-20 23:20:31

Double negative there!

MissAdventure Sun 05-Apr-20 23:22:34


Callistemon Sun 05-Apr-20 23:23:43

I can't see that SirChenjin has said anything disgusting about the CMO's children.
I must have missed something.

SirChenjin Mon 06-Apr-20 08:26:33

No - you didn’t miss anything disgusting