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The Easter Bunny is not under lockdown ...

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GracesGranMK3 Mon 06-Apr-20 17:14:32

... and neither is the tooth fairy. However, the EB has been very busy with helping his own family so may not be able to get to all families on the exact day.

Now, did I really hear this announcement on the radio or have I dreamt it?

JMitch Wed 08-Apr-20 01:03:50

Hi everyone. I’m one of the stranded brits in New Zealand, and I can tell you, it’s true - the Easter bunny has been designated ‘essential personnel’ and will be visiting most children this weekend. We are loving Jacinda, and all the team who are leading us through this crisis. No politics at this time, just good honest leadership with clarity of purpose and communication. Wonderful. The only fly in our ointment is the lack of flights to the UK. We see Germans, Swiss, Austrians and Australians getting in planes sent by their government, but nothing for us. No designated planes for us, and no guarantees of safety in the inevitable transit points if you take a rare commercial flight! Roll on the Easter bunny, this is one adult that hopes he stops by with chocolate.

Willow500 Wed 08-Apr-20 06:59:32

I loved this story and think Jacinda is a wonderful PM. I look at MSN NZ every day as my son and family live over there and have been so impressed with her handling of the Corona situation. No messing about - into level 4 within days and everyone in lockdown.

CherryHatrick Wed 08-Apr-20 18:41:13

Maybe it is because the female brain has different priorities? I'm in Spain and our female mayor issued an official edict a couple of days after lockdown that Ratoncito Perez (the mouse who is the local equivalent of the Tooth Fairy) was allowed to continue his work, but he had to wear a mask and gloves. Local children during lockdown who have a birthday get a visit from the police or CD who arrive with blues and twos to sing Cumpleanos Feliz.