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What will you do once the lockdown is lifted?

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Nata Thu 09-Apr-20 07:13:47

I've seen the similar question on Mumsnet and decided to ask my fellow Gransnetters the same. My list consists of:
- hugging my family and friends
- getting a new haircut
- having a party
- going abroad for travelling

SueH49 Thu 09-Apr-20 07:17:08

See family and give the grandchildren a big hug, hair cut which will be well overdue and buy a new car which I would have been doing now if I was able.

Txquiltz Thu 09-Apr-20 07:19:14

Stand outside and know I can go wherever I like, then look up to see my GC running to me for big, glorious unfettered hugs,

tanith Thu 09-Apr-20 07:19:54

Everything else can wait

ginny Thu 09-Apr-20 07:58:14

Same as Tabitha. All I want is to hug my family.

CathTheWise Thu 09-Apr-20 08:06:21

See my family and then finally get to work! Also I hope to get to my niece's wedding, I've prepared video congrats to send her in case the wedding would be postponed but I really hope to attend it.

Curlywhirly Thu 09-Apr-20 08:07:31

Definitely seeing our children and grandchildren. Can't wait to hug the DGC, but we will have to be at the peak of fitness, as I fully expect they will be staying (for a least a week if their dad has anything to do with it!). He's exhausted and keeps saying that we are more than welcome to have them sleep over!

Lilypops Thu 09-Apr-20 08:14:36

See my family with big hugs all round , have a hair cut and colour , then go to a waterfront cafe and sit outside with coffee and cake and appreciate the freedom once more ,

Hetty58 Thu 09-Apr-20 08:18:14

I'm staying in lockdown. I have no wish to be in the next batch of hospital patients, part of the second curve!

Washerwoman Thu 09-Apr-20 08:18:55

Giving our grandchildren and children and partners the biggest hug.How lucky we are to have technology to keep in touch -imagine this before Facetime ,Skype etc.Of course many grans are physically apart from their families for months ,years and rely on these even but nothing beats a hug.

Witzend Thu 09-Apr-20 08:20:27

Seeing the family and a specially cuddly cuddle with Gdcs.
Not too bothered about much else, though a haircut will also be on the list.

silverlining48 Thu 09-Apr-20 08:27:05

Seeing and hugging the family, visiting our dear friends and a trip to the seaside if the weather is as nice as it is now,

Grannybags Thu 09-Apr-20 08:30:13

Cuddles and haircut for me too (not at the same time!)

BlueBelle Thu 09-Apr-20 08:33:37

See my family get outside
talk to everyone and everything
Go for coffee/ lunch with as many friends as I can muster
Run, (well slowly jog or walk) along the beach waving my hand like a mad woman shouting Im free in my best John Inman voice
Get a haircut

Bathsheba Thu 09-Apr-20 08:37:00

Hug my family. Nothing else matters to me at all.

Teetime Thu 09-Apr-20 09:39:53

Visit my daughter and GS.
Go to all the local shops we frequented before the lock down and buy something however small and our usual cafes/pubs.

aggie Thu 09-Apr-20 09:43:01

Seems to me we are just prolonging the virus , it has been said that we will all get it before the pandemic is over , I feel so depressed today at the thought of the “ second wave “

EllanVannin Thu 09-Apr-20 09:54:15

I would still tread very carefully remaining to wear my philosophical hat for a long time as it'll be well into Autumn just before the next season of colds and 'flu, so I'm looking at 12 months hence before the " all clear " with so many flouting the rules and the virus being in-situ in a person for nigh-on 2 weeks before breaking out----thus infecting hundreds along the way.

FarNorth Thu 09-Apr-20 09:54:26

Hetty58 and aggie, I have the same concerns as you.
The current lockdown is intended to prevent the NHS from being overwhelmed.
If there is no vaccine, those currently in hiding will be in danger if/when lockdown ends.

What I would like to do, tho, is travel a few hundred miles to visit my DGD and take her on outings to reduce the pressure on my son and his partner.

EllanVannin Thu 09-Apr-20 09:59:47

Aggie, it will do " an about turn ".
It's on outdoor clothing and coats aren't ideal to wash.

I know someone who is still working and to keep his wife and family safe, he takes off his clothes in the porch and goes straight to shower/bath, leaving clothes for a few hours before washing, including outer jacket. It's become a ritual.

Cunco Thu 09-Apr-20 10:10:03

Personally, I am not expecting lock-down for elderly and vulnerable people to be lifted at the same time as the rest of the population. COVID-19 will still be there and it will pose the same threat as it does now. The difference will be that the NHS will be better placed to deal with the sick when the numbers needing hospital treatment subside.

If we have an effective jab to protect us or a reliable test to tell if we and our family members are carrying the virus, it would change matters but, until that time, why should the old and vulnerable go back to the way we were? I see imposed or sensible voluntary social distancing for some time to come.

TerryM Thu 09-Apr-20 10:14:59

BlueBelle I had a giggle at your "I am Free " . I loved that show
See my son and my grandbaby.
Video chat is wonderful but not the same
See my two closest friends who I sorely miss catching up with
Go to the shopping centres just because i can and stroll around the shops

Septimia Thu 09-Apr-20 10:28:34

Family.... they're a distance away anyway, but missed GD's birthday, so things to make up for.

Looking forward to being able to travel around the country.

Anniebach Thu 09-Apr-20 10:56:30

The same as I did before, have been isolated for three years

growstuff Thu 09-Apr-20 12:55:24

I agree with other posters. I have no intention of returning to "normal" until there's a vaccine, which is likely to be at least 18 months.