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So called "sssential items"

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varian Fri 10-Apr-20 20:20:57

Why on earth should the police threaten to monitor our supermarket trollsys to prevent the purchase of "non-essential items"?

Surely now more than ever we should classify chocolate Easter eggs and wine as absolutely essential, especially for folk stuck inside small flats without any outside space.

MissAdventure Fri 10-Apr-20 20:33:32

I see nothing wrong with getting them in with your shopping.

A few seem unable to distinguish what are essentials though, so perhaps it's those people who are being checked up on?

Sussexborn Fri 10-Apr-20 20:39:13

Mountain out of a molehill yet again. The policeman has now deleted the text!

NfkDumpling Fri 10-Apr-20 20:42:41

It seems some of the police are as confused as some of the public. Nice to know its all been sorted.

Chewbacca Fri 10-Apr-20 20:44:26

From BBC news website today:

Asked about suggestions that police were patrolling the supermarket aisles to see what people were buying, Downing Street said people were allowed to buy whatever they wanted from shops permitted to be open.

"We set out a list of shops which could remain open and if the shops are on that list then they are free to sell whatever they have in stock," the prime minister's official spokesman said.

Police in Cambridge had to clarify a social media post - since deleted - by an "over-exuberant" officer who suggested they were monitoring aisles of "non-essential" goods in supermarkets.

"The force position, in line with national guidance, is that we are not monitoring what people are buying from supermarkets," they said.

Hithere Fri 10-Apr-20 20:53:09

Maybe because it entices people to do some "essential" shopping when it is more non essential related?

For example- you have done your essential shopping for the week but now would like to get a magazine, craft item, etc so you get out a second time that same week and add an essential item to camouflage the second shopping trip?

Gaunt47 Fri 10-Apr-20 21:00:53

Exactly Hithere, and it depends on how 'essential' is interpreted. For instance offies were deemed essential and allowed to trade, whereas the sweet shop when I get my very necessary chocolate was deemed inessential and so had to close!
I'm still shaking my head over the decision to closed garden centre

M0nica Sat 11-Apr-20 07:51:02

No 10 clarified yesterday (Friday) that, if shopping in a shop that is legally open, you can buy anything that shop is selling, so if your supermarket is selling Easter bonnets, you can buy as many as you like, although if you wore one when out exercising, the police would probably stop you and fine you for unsuitable frivolity.

Pikachu Sat 11-Apr-20 07:55:31

Exactly Monica. I’ve ordered some duck legs in orange sauce which is hardly ‘essential’ but if it’s in stock then if no one bought them they would expire their ‘use by’ date and be binned.

And what are ‘essentials’? Bread, water, baked beans?

Missfoodlove Sat 11-Apr-20 09:06:12

What was meant by the checking of trolleys for essential items applies to the idiots that will do a 10 mile round trip to buy beer, blue drinks and vodka
Not someone who has put a couple of bottles of Rioja in with the weekly shop.

Esspee Sat 11-Apr-20 09:09:29

I consider potting compost essential and plants but the garden centres have been closed down. Surely growing food is essential?

Eglantine21 Sat 11-Apr-20 09:13:02

Most garden centres are taking phone orders for compost etc espee.

They were closed because they’re popular social places like restaurants.

Barmeyoldbat Sat 11-Apr-20 09:13:25

I consider my bar or three of chocolate essential as was y potting compost and a pair of socks.

Callistemon Sat 11-Apr-20 09:13:30

Our grocery delivery person was puzzled because we had no alcohol in our online shop, then went back and found my two bottles of wine. We had a joke about it. We ordered Easter eggs too but got a substitution.

Police somewhere (I missed where) were telling a family off because the children were playing in their front garden and told them that wasn't allowed. On last night's News at Ten.

Callistemon Sat 11-Apr-20 09:14:36

I should say she went back to the van and found them, not went back to the depot.

Chewbacca Sat 11-Apr-20 09:16:49

If the supermarket you're shopping in stocks compost and plants esspee, you can put them in your shopping trolley. Some hardware sell compost and gardening equipment too so if you're out doing your weekly essential shop and pass a hardware shop, you can buy it. The post that I quoted from the police @ 20.44 yesterday covers this.

Chewbacca Sat 11-Apr-20 09:18:31

I saw that about the front garden report too Callistemon and apparently the police officer was reported as being "over zealous"!

travelsafar Sat 11-Apr-20 09:28:17

I too consider all gardening items essential. Now more than ever if you have a garden it is essential for well being and physcial health. It gives purpose if you grow your own veggies as you have to tend them, a sense of satisfaction if they grow well and you get a crop. All that digging, bending and lifting helps keep you fit. If the sun is out you are getting Vit D. If fruit and veg become scare further down the line at least many people will have a supply in their garden leaving those in the shops for people who dont have that option.

polnan Sat 11-Apr-20 10:39:47

I think..

that if the shops have it for sale, then a person should be able to buy it

for me, what is essential at this time

is Garden Centres,,, however I can go out.. so I would love to buy plants online, but I fear for the delivery, and taking precious delivery journeys, for plants.. for me plants would help enormously with my depression, and I am sure there are others also

minxie Sat 11-Apr-20 10:41:23

If your in the supermarket then you can buy what is available. ( it says so on the Downing Street Instagram daily update) it’s common sense as it still helps the economy instead of rotting on the shelf

M0nica Sat 11-Apr-20 10:50:29

Missfoodlove I d a 10 mile round trip to get to my local supermarket. You are clearly a city dweller.

Yellowmellow Sat 11-Apr-20 10:58:57

Life is not how it should be and there's a difference between nipping out for a bottle of wine and some choccies (a no no) to picking up a few treats when you're doing your shopping! Something git to keep us sane!

M0nica Sat 11-Apr-20 11:05:12

polnan Your plant purchases can, as mine will save businesses and jobs not just now but after the emergency ends.

What so many people forget is that emergencies like this both kill more people than we know and save lives. There will be those who commit suicide or have their lives destroyed by the loss of a business built up over many years, or the loss of a job . On the other hand. How many lives have been saved by the emergency; a drop in road deaths, industrial injuries, other infectious diseases.

My plant purchases are help keeping nurseries going and our lovely Hermes lady in work.

Moggycuddler Sat 11-Apr-20 11:10:47

The issue is surely how many times you go out rather than what you buy when you do?

Thecatshatontgemat Sat 11-Apr-20 11:21:45

Crikey. As long as shoppers are not panic buying, and stripping the shelves, who cares what's in their basket.
What is essential to one, may not be to another.
If you have queued up for half an hour, you should at least be able to get the bits you want.