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Gloves discarded after use ?

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Grannynannywanny Sun 19-Apr-20 20:03:41

I take my daily walk along a quiet country road with minimal traffic. I’m disgusted to notice every day that surgical gloves have been discarded at the roadside, presumably thrown from car windows after a shopping trip. I saw 4 pairs today on a 1 mile stretch. What kind of person could think that was acceptable behaviour. I’ve seen them in supermarket car parks as well by folk who drop them at their feet once they’ve put shopping into the car. Utterly disgusting selfish behaviour by some folk with zero concern for anyone but themselves

blondenana Sun 19-Apr-20 20:13:35

I too have seen gloves discarded on the path as walked today,also a mask, disgusting, a child could pick them up or an animals .could swallow the glove,by accident if it started playing with it,and choke

MissAdventure Sun 19-Apr-20 20:16:11

I've seen it, too, but was frightened to say.

The ground where I wait for my bus is littered with them, from the three little shops opposite, presumably.

Hetty58 Sun 19-Apr-20 20:45:11

They're all around here, too, just thrown on the verges. People are selfish.

EllanVannin Sun 19-Apr-20 20:51:11

I've seen them dumped too. Probably the same ones who don't take their " doggie bags " home to dispense with---lazy brutes.

Grannybags Sun 19-Apr-20 20:51:18

We were saying that on our walk this morning. Gloves littering the ground near gates into the fields.

How anyone can drop any form of litter is beyond me but disposable gloves has to be the worst

EllanVannin Sun 19-Apr-20 20:54:11

What possesses people to throw their litter down ? It's disgusting ! Ever seen the state of a cabin after leaving a flight ?
I wonder if they live knee-deep in rubbish ?

Chewbacca Sun 19-Apr-20 20:55:46

I saw a pair of disposable gloves hooked over the gate latch on a public footpath on my walk yesterday. No choice but to touch them so that I could get off the path and onto the lane to walk home. I won't repeat what I called them.

Grannynannywanny Sun 19-Apr-20 20:58:41

I’m with you Grannybags, dropping litter of any kind is a lousy thing to do. Discarding possibly virus contaminated gloves in the midst of a pandemic is mind boggling.

Barmeyoldbat Sun 19-Apr-20 21:12:31

Bllimey not seen any around here.

Eloethan Mon 20-Apr-20 00:06:22

I've been complaining about the same thing too.

Gloves - and masks as well. It makes it worse because these people are obviously concerned about their own safety but, it appears, not about the safety of others.