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I’m cracking up

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gillybob Mon 04-May-20 20:23:47

Spent another whole ( wasted) day trying to get through to the bank . Online and on the phone . Was desperately trying to apply for a “bounce back” loan . Sounds brilliant if you can actually apply . I’m feeling so downhearted and reaching the end of my tether. Government bringing out all these “help” packages Is great but if you can’t access them they’re worthless .

Marydoll Mon 04-May-20 20:31:17

Gilly, I don't think anything I can say will help, I have never seen you so low.

You are a wonderful and strong lady and I'm sending my very best wishes and ((hugs)).

You know we would do anything we could to help you if we could. ?

GrannyGravy13 Mon 04-May-20 21:26:58

gillybob hang on in there, have you spoken to your accountant, can he help?

BradfordLass73 Mon 04-May-20 21:50:51

gillybob put it aside for a wee while and do something which delights your spirit. That's the only way to strengthen yourself to go back in and fight again.

I imagine bank staff are as overwhelmed as you trying to cope with multi-thousands of requests, instead of 20 a day.

Look after yourself - heart and soul - and know you're loved and supported here. flowers

Nannylala Mon 04-May-20 21:57:40

I absolutely understand how you feel Gillybob. My husband has a small business, fortunately we don't need to apply for a loan at this present time, but we have yet to receive a penny of the other promised help for small businesses. Not a penny for the wages of furloughed staff and not a penny of the small business rates grant. It's all very well the government making all these bold promises, but trying to actually access any of the promised help is nothing short of a nightmare x

Dollymc1 Mon 04-May-20 22:08:11

I'm so sorry for your troubles Gilly, you deserve better
You've really been through the mill
Help needs to be far more accessible

Oldbutstilluseful Mon 04-May-20 22:12:31

Gillybob, like so many here I’ve been following you through the trials and tribulations that have engulfed you for so long. You have shown such bravery and resilience and in spite of your troubles you always have a kind word for others. Have you tried contacting your MP? He or she just may be able to push something through for you. Please take care of yourself.

I don’t know if it’s of any interest to you, but BBC Sounds are currently airing Max Richter’s Sleep, which he has composed especially to play when you are unable to sleep. It’s very soothing.

gillybob Mon 04-May-20 23:13:52

Thank you;for your kind words everyone . I’m in despair tonight , I can’t keep on paying my lads when me and DH are just digging ourselves into deeper and deeper holes . It’s fine the government coming out with these wonderful schemes but if you can’t access them well they’re worthless .

Ironically I have had 2 calls from customers asking if / when we will be back up and running .

I’m about to give up.

lovebeigecardigans1955 Tue 05-May-20 08:07:02

Hello Gilly, please don't give up. You have much support on here, be it only virtual. You've gone through so much over the last year and it's only natural you should feel down when yet another blip arrives. Take care - we will get through this. {flowers}

NfkDumpling Tue 05-May-20 08:14:28

Have you tried contacting Radio Four’s Moneybox and/or Your and Yours? Chances are they won’t broadcast your story but it’s well known that one investigative call from them and everything happens! A friend who’d been banging her head against the banks doors found the doors miraculously open after one call from the Beeb. (If they do want to use your story names are often changed to maintain anonymity.)

NfkDumpling Tue 05-May-20 08:20:40

Forgot to add the bunch of ? and stiff ?

kittylester Tue 05-May-20 08:30:44

Cant help at all gilly but just want to send you love and hugs. And, to say you are one heck of a strong woman. Hang on in there.

brook2704 Tue 05-May-20 08:38:59

Sending you hugs gilly I know I can’t help but wanted to send virtual support
Hope you get the help that you need soon ???

HootyMcOwlface Tue 05-May-20 10:05:13

Have you got a branch of your bank nearby? I'd go and bang on the door to see someone. (I've been to mine, the doors were shut but I rang the bell and they let me in.)

polnan Tue 05-May-20 10:08:35


Daisymae Tue 05-May-20 10:17:46

Keep going. Work out a plan. Speak to your employees. There must be business support groups? People who can give you some tips? The most important thing about the phone lines is to keep at it, just keep redialing. Good luck x

Heket Tue 05-May-20 10:34:31

Another staunch supporter here - have you contacted your local media and political bods?

Insist. Can you apply online? Your local paper is a good place to start, along with consumer rights bodies.

gillgran Tue 05-May-20 10:50:13

Sorry that I can't be of help to you, but please know that you have the virtual support of many of us who have followed your hard journey over the past months.

On this current problem, keep trying to access these people, also try contacting your local media & M.P. ( who is your M.P. in your area.?)

You are so thoughtful & kind to others, we are all behind you during this difficult time. flowers

Joesoap Tue 05-May-20 11:01:55

I am afraid I cant help you other than to say, you are a stong person and you will get through this.We are in this group strong together, and have been through other things ( not as bad as this) and will survive, if only help was more available.Waiting for hours to get through to people is the most frustrating thing I have ever done,I am sure you will get through to somebody who will be able to help.Sending hugs.

GrannySomerset Tue 05-May-20 11:06:32

Have you made contact with your local Chamber of Commerce? They can usually point you in the direction of appropriate advice. Also definitely contact your local MP whose office may be able to help. Good luck.

4allweknow Tue 05-May-20 11:07:37

If you furlough staff don't they apply for payments individually. Keep going though you will succeed. There has been loads of media attention about problems accessing monies and no doubt you have seen this. Suggest you email or if possible speak with your MP about situation. A.azibg what happens when they become involved.

Wheniwasyourage Tue 05-May-20 11:10:38

gillybob, I can't offer any useful advice, but sending virtual hugs and flowers

Nana3 Tue 05-May-20 11:24:38

Have you seen the ads on tv from banks saying how helpful they are being!!!!
I've definitely seen Nationwide and Barclays. hmm
Good luck gillybob flowers

farview Tue 05-May-20 11:30:52

..hugs and hope to you ..?

Caramac Tue 05-May-20 11:44:42

My situation was much simpler but my bank suspended my bank card at the start of lockdown. They suspected fraudulent activity. Thankfully this wasn’t the case but I’m glad they are proactive.
However, like you @Gillybob, I just could not get through to the bank. I had cash but needed my bank card for online purchases.
I eventually got through after a 10 minute wait at 03:00 when I couldn’t sleep.
If it’s possible or practical could you phone in the small hours?
Sorry I haven’t read the whole thread so you may have tried this.
Sending best wishes for you in this difficult time.