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Blue collar workers at Greater risk

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starbird Mon 11-May-20 16:32:13

Just heard in the radio that a survey says male blue collar workers are at greater risk of dying if they catch Covid 19 than ‘professional’ workers - Bouncers were mentioned as one of the former and their risk is greater than those on a construction site. Some spokesman (( Union rep?) immediately drew the conclusion that it all came down to money ( hence better diet etc). I might be tempted to fall into the stereotyping trap and suggest that smoking, drinking, over eating, lack of exercise, etc might also have something to do with it - as has also shown up in a study, but of course that is not confined to the working class anymore.
I will however point out that many office and shop workers are on the minimum wage and there are plenty of poverty stricken white collar workers.
It will be interesting when and if they ever do find what the real reasons for the discrepancy in health effects is - a week or so ago overweight men in their 50’s were shown to be vulnerable. When will they realise that some us women in our lower 70’s are being shut in for no good reason? But having been wrongly jailed, after 4 weeks of isolation we are now becoming the blithering idiots they assumed we were and will be afraid to go out even when it is all over.

growstuff Mon 11-May-20 19:30:42

Why are women in their 70s being "shut in" for no reason? If they don't have underlying health conditions which make them extremely vulnerable, the rules are the same for them as for the majority of the population.

If they do have serious underlying health conditions, they are advised to be shielded for a very good reason.

It's absurd and untrue to suggest that they are being "jailed".

Pumpkinpie Mon 18-May-20 14:21:35

Instead of debating shouldn’t we just be acting responsibly to try & keep our neighbours safe?