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sodapop Fri 29-May-20 08:51:53

In the midst of all the concerns over treatment of care home residents there has been very little mention of the CQC.
This body is supposed to oversee the running of establishments and care of residents within the care home setting. They have apparently been conspicuous by their absence during this crisis. They are now refusing to cancel or reduce their fees which can be quite substantial.

Jane10 Fri 29-May-20 09:58:00

Is it because their inspectors can't get out inspecting care homes just now. I've been to a few meeting with them. They draw up clear standards then teams visit places to see how well they adhere to those standards. Reports are published so people can check how good care home are. I certainly found this helpful when looking for the best places for my mother and MiL some years ago.

Teetime Fri 29-May-20 10:00:40

sodapop THANKYOU. I have been banging on about this for ages. I was a Hospital and Nursing Homes inspector under the old registered Homes Act and an enormous part of our job was advising homes on how to deal with everything from Infection Control to financial management. I hope when there is an enquiry the work of the CQC is under close scrutiny.

sodapop Fri 29-May-20 16:23:11

Yes Teetime I remember day long inspections of residential homes, even down to counting the number of tablets left in a bottle.
According to some Care Home managers there has been precious little advice and support forthcoming during this crisis.

kittylester Fri 29-May-20 17:30:47

In my experience CQC are good at finding things wrong but not helping to get things right!

sodapop Fri 29-May-20 19:09:56

Yes that has been my experience as well kittylester. There have been no comments from CQC amid all the concerns about care homes. I agree with Teetime I hope they come under close scrutiny.

maddyone Fri 29-May-20 19:17:52

I can’t even begin to articulate what I feel about this. Where were they before the pandemic began? Surely it would be their job to advise on equipment needed and procedures in the event of a sudden epidemic, because care homes are known to be one of the best places for illnesses to rip through at the speed of light.