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Renting a UK holiday cottage after Coronavirus

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GrandmaKT Sun 21-Jun-20 02:53:00

We have a holiday cottage in the Lakes. Obviously all bookings from mid March until now have been cancelled. I am now beginning to get enquiries for 4th July onwards, so light at the end of the tunnel!

Airbnb (who I must say have been excellent during this crisis, issuing clear guidance and giving guests full refunds), have developed a cleaning handbook, and it is very rigorous! Some of the points below:

Cleaners shouldn't enter the cottage until at least 3 hours after the guests have left.
Each room should be thoroughly cleaned, then sanitised, then shut off and not re-entered.
Extra cleaning materials to be left for guests.
Vacuum cleaner to be cleaned and sanitised after every use.
Obviously masks to be worn, and disposable gloves to be changed between cleaning and sanitising.

I am fully supportive of all these measures, and if I was a guest they would give reassurance, but do wonder if they can all be practically achieved. It is fine if you only have one cottage to clean, but what if, like my cleaner, you have two or three to get through? How will hotels manage to comply with these rules (esp. the waiting 3 hours before entering!)

I have changed my check-in time from 3 to 4 and hope that guests will understand. Check-out will have to be a strict 10am.

Annoyingly, I am being contacted by people wanting to get a discount (probably thinking we are desperate!) With all these extra measures, meaning extra time and pay for the cleaners, added to the income lost by holiday home owners over the last few months, I do hope people will be kind when they come back!

GrandmaKT Tue 23-Jun-20 03:27:08

Yes, I agree, I would do the same. In addition to cleaning and sanitising, we will be leaving disinfecting wipes and disposable gloves for our guests.

Smileless2021 it sounds as if Sykes have behaved appallingly. We were with a major holiday letting company until two years ago and that company have also had very bad press over this. I have been really pleasantly surprised at how honourably Airbnb have handled it, considering they often get bad press. I'm very glad we changed.

Ellianne Tue 23-Jun-20 18:12:07

Why on the BBC news are all the holiday home owners now complaining July 4th doesn't give them enough time to get up and running? Several posters on this thread have thought for themselves and offered solutions. Do these businesses really expect someone to lead them by the hand? Can't they be proactive, they've had long enough to think about it?

MayBee70 Tue 23-Jun-20 19:11:05

Because, as holiday home owners people like me and DH had to break lockdown by travelling to our holiday home to get it sorted before the paying guests arrived. We shouldn’t, legally be here, but we had no idea when the government would suddenly lift restrictions. As with everything else this government has done people are given such short notice when things are about to change that everyone has to be mind readers. Joan Bakewell said something similar on breakfast tv this morning.

Ellianne Tue 23-Jun-20 19:40:16

Sorry, not like you MayBee. The owners interviewed lived on site and had 3 or 4 holiday chalets. The other couple owned a campsite but all they had done was to close their toilets and showers. I guess they don't want to pay for cleaners all day long when they don't know what the demand will be.

GrandmaKT Wed 24-Jun-20 03:13:38

I can imagine several problems in a set-up like this. The chalets will have been closed since lockdown (and possibly since last winter) and will all need a thorough clean. The cleaners will have been furloughed or laid off. I've just been reading that it is expected that furloughed workers should be given at least 1 week's notice of returning. Some won't be able to return because their children are still off school. There will be grounds to sort out and maintenance issues. They will need to make sure they comply with all the guidelines, get cleaning practices in place, contact guests to let them know the rules....10 days isn't long!

Calendargirl Wed 24-Jun-20 07:12:35

I’d rather just stay at home. I’m afraid I won’t be boosting the economy any time soon.

No desire to go away on holiday, visit a pub or restaurant, or go on a shopping spree.

MayBee70 Wed 24-Jun-20 22:39:09

Just briefly caught the tail end of a news item about the Scilly Isles and how they needed to open up for tourism again but we’re Covid free and concerned that tourists would bring the virus to them. Maybe they should only open up for people that have been shielding or self isolating. That way the vulnerable people would feel safe and the risk of them having the virus would be low. Especially as the Scilly Isles isn’t the sort of place that young people go to (I assume, anyway.....).

Ellianne Wed 24-Jun-20 22:54:51

Maybee the Isles of Scilly attracts lots of wealthy, youngish visitors, but not of the clubbing type!
The vulnerable people who have been shielding would have to get there on the ferry and spend a couple hours cooped up with other passengers, (no cabins in which to self isolate).
I hope the news item didn't call it them The Scilly Isles, they would be very cross.

MayBee70 Wed 24-Jun-20 23:40:55

It isn’t a place I know much about, even though I lived in Cornwall for a while. Is calling the Isles of Scilly the Scilly Isles the same as calling South Well Suthel ?

Ellianne Thu 25-Jun-20 07:42:48

I think the problem with Scilly Isles is that it is a bit like saying they are SILLY.
There's a good programme about Devon and Cornwall on Channel 4 on Monday evenings. They have visited IOS in each episode so far and next week it is beautiful Tresco. In addition the series is narrated by John Nettles (Bergerac) who has a lovely Cornish accent.