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Uniforms in supermarket

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Armynanny Tue 23-Jun-20 20:59:30

So today we saw two people who went in front of the queue at Tesco using their ID badges. We haven’t got a problem with this at all but what we were unhappy about was the fact that despite wearing masks and gloves they were in their work uniform. I wish now I had asked them where they worked as I’m sure this is not acceptable. Thoughts please.

PinkCakes Wed 24-Jun-20 18:44:28

Ideally, someone who has to wear a uniform for work should change into ordinary clothes before going into a shop, but carers, nurse, police officers, paramedics, who may be at end of a long shift may need to get food on their way home.

Grannynannywanny Wed 24-Jun-20 18:50:39

I suppose they might be home support workers who visit several clients houses in the course of their shift and may have been on an errand for one of them.

ElaineI Wed 24-Jun-20 19:31:42

Home support uniforms are almost identical to nurses uniforms. You would have to be close enough to see the badge to be able to tell the difference. Nurses are allowed to wear uniforms to travel in but not scrubs or gowns. Not all hospitals/wards have changing facilities and lockers.

heath480 Wed 24-Jun-20 19:42:45

No it is not acceptable,but common nowadays.

I was a Nurse for over 40 years,I never went on Public Transport or in a shop in uniform.But standards these days are so low.We always changed from our uniform before leaving the hospital.

I have been watching an A and E programme,one of the Nurses on it has bright red dyed hair,half tied back and the other half hangs on her shoulder and in her face!I sit shouting at the TV.

It saddens me these days to see the appearance of some Health Care Professionals.

BlueBelle Wed 24-Jun-20 20:46:44

We watched a worker come out of a local care home complete with uniform mask and gloves and go to wait for the bus
We commented on the fact she was wearing her uniform in the street bus maybe even shop