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Reassurance to new (during the pandemic) long distance grandparents.

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NannyB2604 Sun 30-Aug-20 14:48:32

I know that lots of grandchildren have been born in faraway places during the pandemic and grandparents are worried that they won't be able to have a 'proper' relationship with these grandchildren in the future because of this. Whilst I realise this won't be everyone's experience I thought I'd share a few thoughts of my own experience of long distance grandparenting. DS, DiL and DGD live in Korea. DGD was born April 2014. We first saw her in person in August 2014 then again in January 2015. DH as a retiree visited in summer 2015, but I didn't see them again until summer 2016. After that I saw them during 4 or 5 visits, concluding with last Christmas. Obviously we have regular video calls, which have got better and more interactive as DGD gets older. Despite this lack of physical contact, I can honestly say we do have a real relationship with DGD. She knows who we are, chats to us, tells us she misses us and, as her English improves, is able to tell us more of what she gets up to. I know the situation isn't ideal, but we are where we are. We're all well and looking forward to a possible physical reunion next summer. Don't let anyone tell you it's easy - it isn't! But it is bearable and you can have a relationship with your lovely DGC. Sending big hugs to all you bereft grandparents xxx

BlueSky Sun 30-Aug-20 16:58:17

Thank you NannyB many of us in that situation. I appreciated your words of encouragement and hope! thanks