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NHS testing

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GagaJo Thu 17-Sep-20 08:23:05

Does anyone know what time the site 'resets'?

In addition, have you been on the NHS test request site? It refers to the possibility of private testing. WHERE is this available? We are led to believe it isn't.

Whitewavemark2 Thu 17-Sep-20 08:24:09

It is NHS testing it is a company owned by a Tory testing.

GagaJo Thu 17-Sep-20 08:27:34

Sorry WWM, not sure I understand?

Pittcity Thu 17-Sep-20 08:30:54

A quick Google shows several private clinics offering testing. Prices are around £200 to £300.

GagaJo Thu 17-Sep-20 08:33:38

Blimey. It was about 120chf to be tested, by an actual doctor, in Switzerland (no insurance contribution). They are making a huge profit, aren't they?

Anyone got any idea what time the tests for the following day are released? I assumed 8am, but went on at that time and nothing.

GrannyGravy13 Thu 17-Sep-20 08:41:43

I think it’s 9 am Gagajo my daughter went back on at 9 and got a test for 12 noon at our nearest drive in centre, 10 minutes away (results within 16 hours by text)

GagaJo Thu 17-Sep-20 08:53:48

Thank you GrannyGravy13!

GagaJo Thu 17-Sep-20 09:15:19

Still nothing though. Not even on the dot of 9am.

vampirequeen Thu 17-Sep-20 19:47:47

Please don't call it NHS Testing. It's nothing to do with the NHS. All test sites are run by private companies...experience of healthcare provision wasn't a requirement when they got the contracts. If testing isn't working it simply shows that private companies and a proper health service don't go hand and hand.

GagaJo Thu 17-Sep-20 20:11:02

No, sorry. I do know that.

Lucca Thu 17-Sep-20 20:16:34

Nice comment from mr Rees Mogg today as well as casually changing 200,000 tests per day to “almost a quarter of a million’
Then suggesting people should stop the” endless carping “ about not being able to get a test.

NfkDumpling Thu 17-Sep-20 20:52:04

They said on Radio Four today that if you ring 111 they should be able to book an appointment for you. Operative word - 'Should'.

I do wonder how many people are having tests unnecessarily. Huw Pym this evening interviewed one woman had walked six miles with a young daughter who had her scooter for a test. Both looked hale and hearty. People in cars are interviewed with never a cough heard or flushed face. There must be a hell of a lot of asymptomatic folk around!

growstuff Thu 17-Sep-20 21:13:19

Did Huw Pym say why the woman or her child wanted a test?

I hope they're going to put extra staff on 111.

growstuff Thu 17-Sep-20 21:14:19

BTW I thought that was what 119 was for.

NfkDumpling Thu 17-Sep-20 22:47:51


Did Huw Pym say why the woman or her child wanted a test?

I hope they're going to put extra staff on 111.

No Growstuff he didn't.

I thought you had to ring 119 too, perhaps it was a slip of the tongue but the interviewee definitely said 111. (Can't remember the name).

Callistemon Thu 17-Sep-20 23:46:15


Still nothing though. Not even on the dot of 9am.

I heard that 8pm was a good time to try.

vampirequeen Fri 18-Sep-20 02:49:51

I had a test a couple of weeks ago. I didn't have a cough and I wasn't red in the face. I had a very sore throat, a change in my sense of taste and was incredibly tired. If you'd just looked at me then I wouldn't have looked ill. The test was negative btw.