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has anyone seen anything more shambolic than this evenings press conference?

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M0nica Sat 31-Oct-20 19:08:57

DH could not get the powerpoint slides at all. I had the slides, but the slides I could see were always one behind the slide the speaker was talking to and anyway the signer was frequently standing in front of the slide so that I was unable to see the most important part of the curve.

Whether the problem lay with the BBC or the government press office, I do not know, but my money is on the government, given there track record.

vegansrock Sat 31-Oct-20 20:20:03

Its not the physical space it’s the trained staff to man the extra hospitals and icu beds that’s the problem.

Jaxjacky Sat 31-Oct-20 20:32:01

Teacheranne with you, watched and understood the slides too.

Oldbat1 Sat 31-Oct-20 20:32:44

Is it just my tv that couldn’t cope with the slides? I couldn’t read them which was really annoying as I am very interested. I’ll try and source them elsewhere. As someone else said it is shortage of”trained” medical staff which is the issue. I would also challenge the increase in nurses the pm was spouting.

Mamardoit Sat 31-Oct-20 20:33:32


Why whitewave we have 8 nightingale hospitals that have barely been used they have thousands of extra beds empty and waiting
This is a huge joke I live in an area where they’re is very little and we ruin everything we were building up

It's not the number of beds that will be critical it's the staff needed to man them! It's anything but a bloody joke.

I have two intensive care nurses in my own family. They are beside themselves with worry. People need to stop blaming that twat cummings and the PM (not my choice either!).

The message was crystal clear even if the graphics were poor.

biba70 Sat 31-Oct-20 20:33:39

exactly vegansrock- there is s massive shortage to wo/man the main hospitals, never mind Nightingales

mrswoo Sat 31-Oct-20 20:34:07

We were watching the BBC from about 5pm waiting for an official announcement. It was quite interesting with plenty of experts pontificating on the whys, wherefores and need (or not) for a second lockdown. When the official announcement eventually came we gave it 10 minutes, decided we couldn't make head nor tail of the graphs, and switched the telly off.

PECS Sat 31-Oct-20 20:39:59

BJ also distinguished between CV19 patients and non CV19 patients and putting medics in impossible situations

Fuchsiarose Sat 31-Oct-20 20:52:52

Well.... thank goodness I have SIR Sean Connerys Bond films to look forward to this week... The BoJo covid announcements did nothing for me. Could not see the charts they produced. Shambles

TrendyNannie6 Sat 31-Oct-20 20:55:41

I did the same thing MrsWoo

petra Sat 31-Oct-20 21:00:34

I don't know if this link will work or if anyone is interested in a different view/opinion. It's a long listen (1hr. 48)

Tweedle24 Sat 31-Oct-20 21:06:45

TeacherAnn. I agree. The slides were interesting. I think it was unfortunate that the announcement was ‘leaked’ to the press before the arrangements had been fully agreed and polished.

Callistemon Sat 31-Oct-20 21:11:01

I'm more confused than ever after reading this thread.

Does this mean that when our fire break in Wales finishes, I can't come over to England to visit any of you?

womblekelly Sat 31-Oct-20 21:18:05

And so suddenly the over 60s are now classed as vulnerable

grumppa Sat 31-Oct-20 21:48:46

Surreal moment: BBC2 tribute programme to Sean Connery includes a clip from a Terry Wogan Show. Who is sitting next to him? Boris Johnson!

geekesse Sat 31-Oct-20 22:12:40


Surreal moment: BBC2 tribute programme to Sean Connery includes a clip from a Terry Wogan Show. Who is sitting next to him? Boris Johnson!

Yes, I noticed that - and referred to them both as ‘sex symbols’. I thought it was Michael Parkinson show? Whoever was hosting, I can’t think of any meaning of the term ‘sex symbol’ which would be applicable to Johnson.

annodomini Sat 31-Oct-20 22:31:16

The Army was used to erect the Nightingale Hospitals which have been little used because of lack of trained staff. The Army and the other services have medical and nursing corps who could surely be called upon to staff the Nightingales. Why not?

Callistemon Sat 31-Oct-20 22:32:33

I agree, annodomini and have been asking that question for a while now, but obviously not asking the right people.

Luckygirl Sat 31-Oct-20 22:37:02

There is still no clarity. Instead of saying "work from home" - he said you can only go out for specific reasons including work, "let's say if you cannot work from home" - what the hell does that mean? Is this an instruction to work from home or not?

I only managed to see the slides by opening the press conference on my laptop and zooming in. But in any event, the slides were completely unnecessary - one graphic of the projected rise in cases and the current rise would have been more than enough. The ability of the human brain to turn to porridge when confronted with too much information is not to be underestimated.

Casdon Sat 31-Oct-20 22:43:27

Womblekelly the over 60s have always been classified as vulnerable - you only have to look at the graph of deaths by age group to see why

JenniferEccles Sat 31-Oct-20 22:50:03

Shambolic? What was shambolic about it ?

Much as I hate the idea of another national lockdown, it seems the PM felt he had no choice given the dire predictions from the two on either side of him.

Where they right? Who knows but would any Prime Minister be willing to risk it?

All we can hope is that not too many businesses are finished off for good after this.

growstuff Sat 31-Oct-20 22:52:10

I hope for more. I hope not too many people die unnecessarily or suffer life-changing after effects.

Luckygirl Sat 31-Oct-20 22:53:17

We need a proper lockdown as they have in France. My friend has just returned from her home there and said that they cannot go anywhere at all without filling in forms - which are checked. Fines for breaches consist of a gendarme taking you to a cash point there and then.

M0nica Sat 31-Oct-20 23:10:06

JenniferEccles What was shambolic?
1) All DH could get on his computer was the press confernce with Boris et al with the graphics just visible on a monitor so far away they were illegible.
2) I had all the graphices, wuite clearly with a voiceover, except that the graphics were lagging behind the speaker so thaat I never saw the graph until the speake had move onto the next one
3) For me, the signer, was standing in front of the graphics so it was impossible to see the graphic fully anyway.

Other people had the same problems. That was what I meant by shambolic.

Callistemon Sat 31-Oct-20 23:11:41

We will be out of our lockdown just before you enter yours, Luckygirl.
Unless this is national it will not work.

ElaineI Sat 31-Oct-20 23:12:49

Glad I don't live in England! At this rate it won't just be Scotland wanting to leave the union! Had TV on 4pm nil, 5pm nil, gave up at 5.30 and collected DD2 and DGS2 from well blown about Halloween fun outside in "storm" - "storm Granny storm!" Collected McDonald's, ate it. 7pm or after - who knows - during nappy change and PJs - there he is Bojo! No - graphs, graphs, graphs! Eventually blundering explanation of what is happening - no not UK as stated but only England phew! Gave up as DGS2 firing cars at me off coffee table! Back to Scotland's Tier 3 starting Monday!