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Cemetery closure

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Willow73 Sat 07-Nov-20 12:24:47

My town cemetery is closed due to covid. Why? Its remembrance weekend and all families want to do is lay flowers and poppies. Parks and open spaces are still open, do they think that people will want to gather in a cemetery rather than a park.
The world has gone mad!

TrendyNannie6 Sat 07-Nov-20 12:26:33

It certainly has Willow 73

Lucca Sat 07-Nov-20 12:31:36

That definitely makes no sense!
Surely a cemetery is kind of like a park ?

Willow73 Sat 07-Nov-20 12:37:50

By the way I have written a strong complaint to my local council and if anyone else finds their cemetery closed I suggest they do the same.

sodapop Sat 07-Nov-20 12:46:27

Why on earth would they do that Willow73 Talk about being over zealous, I do often wonder if town councillors get power crazed. Hope you get a positive response to your letter.

Nonogran Sat 07-Nov-20 15:35:33

It's very sad Willow that your local cemetery is currently closed. Seems an odd thing to do especially at this particular time of remembrance. I took a long and lovely walk in our city's main cemetery this morning and was moved, as always, to see the war graves marked with poppy crosses. It made me very emotional.
There were a few folk around, tending graves which was lovely to see. The trees are all turning colour & it was a most pleasant if sombre hour.
I do think it's a bit unreasonable for yr council to close your cemetery, so yes, write & tell them how you feel & ask why they feel it's necessary to keep people out at this poignant time.

M0nica Sat 07-Nov-20 17:52:35

Perhaps they are worried about social distancing if lots of people decide to visit the cemetery this weekend, but it strikes me as a very odd thing to do.

BelindaB Sun 08-Nov-20 09:42:56

Madness. And total lack of logic.

My pet peeve is closing the libraries. My currant deathlist has, at the top, the smug, know it all, needs a punch in the face git who works at our local library.

The first time I went in after they reopened I commented (not even to him but to another staff member) that I knew they were just doing as they were told but that to my knowledge (which is extensive) never had a plague been started by a piece of paper... which point this eejit chipped in with a smug grin and said "You'd be surprised."

I literally had to bite my tongue. I managed to get out "Surprised? I'd be absolutely gobsmacked.." Before I turned my back. Does he think because I'm old I'm also stupid?

And if you are wondering - I have qualifications in history so I know what I'm talking about.

harrigran Sun 08-Nov-20 09:51:34

Sorry Belinda but the gentleman is correct, bacteria and viruses can remain on books and papers. That is why when I had measles and scarlet fever all comics and books were burned and everything else was fumigated.
I would not be borrowing a book from a library and reading it right away, like all post in our house it would be left for a minimum of 24 hours.

Mauriherb Sun 08-Nov-20 09:52:49

They've done the same here, can't understand why. The parks etc are open so why close the cemetery, makes no sense

Damdee Sun 08-Nov-20 10:21:51

I was in our local cemetery this morning and was pleased to find it open - but last lockdown it was closed and I couldn't understand why. It seems very unreasonable.

Oldwoman70 Sun 08-Nov-20 10:26:19

During the last lock down I asked why the local cemetery was closed and was told it was because people were using it for exercise and disturbing funerals and those tending graves. This time the cemetery is open - at the moment!

Growing0ldDisgracefully Sun 08-Nov-20 10:30:57

That happen here in Bristol in the last lockdown, through the wisdom (?!) of our unpopular mayor, even though the cemeteries were not meant to be shut. I don't know who complained but I understand he was instructed he could not do this and they were then opened.
It is my birthday during this coming week, and I always visit my parents' grave on or around then to take over some flowers for them and fully intend to do that this year, even if I have to climb over the wall to get in!

FlotheCrow Sun 08-Nov-20 10:44:15

Going to a cemetery at any time seems to me a very odd thing to do.

Hetty58 Sun 08-Nov-20 10:50:33

With parks closed, there's the worry that groups of local teenagers will congregate in cemeteries instead!

Daisymae Sun 08-Nov-20 11:14:25

That's odd. Apparently you can pop over to Bluewater for a takeaway and it seems some shops are open too. Having said that, I went to my parents grave in Wednesday as I thought that we were in a lockdown, which does include avoiding unnecessary journeys.

jusnoneed Sun 08-Nov-20 11:27:45

Our local one was during the first lockdown, there were so many complaints that it was reopened.
It was open when I walked past on Friday.

Alioop Sun 08-Nov-20 11:31:53

In the first lockdown they closed the cemeteries in N.Ireland and people were not happy. Our 1st minister and her deputy had different opinions about it and it was a real talking point. They finally gave in to opening them, but cars were not allowed in and they used the two pedestrian gates for in & exit. Not to let people visit graves, especially people who couldn't attend the funeral of their loved one because of restrictions on large groups and who maybe wanted to visit the grave to lay flowers. Its ridiculous.

lemongrove Sun 08-Nov-20 11:34:54


Our local one was during the first lockdown, there were so many complaints that it was reopened.
It was open when I walked past on Friday.

Sounds from comments on here that you need to complain to the council and put forward your views.It does seem wrong headed to me.

Sparklefizz Sun 08-Nov-20 11:36:39

The first time I went in after they reopened I commented (not even to him but to another staff member) that I knew they were just doing as they were told but that to my knowledge (which is extensive) never had a plague been started by a piece of paper...

It's the book covers as well. The paperbacks have laminated covers and our library - and I imagine it's a general policy - quarantine all returned books. However, they can't have people going in and browsing books, touching them, taking them off the shelves, flicking through them and then replacing them.

CR39 Sun 08-Nov-20 12:05:47

I worked in libraries for 16 years and we always wiped the books on return. You would be surprised what you find on book covers! People use books to put cups on and goodness knows what else. When you love books it was upsetting to see how they were treated.

MaggieTulliver Sun 08-Nov-20 12:16:23

Why is going to a cemetery an odd thing to do FlotheCro? I find them very peaceful and wonderful places. I visited my dear dad’s grave in a small village churchyard yesterday and felt an immediate sense of peace. I also go to bigger cemeteries just to walk and look at all the headstones and wonder at the lives of all those who’ve died. I don’t mind being reminded that we all die, it actually helps ground me and helps me deal with my mental health problems (strange but true). Closing them due to COVID is utterly ridiculous.

AlisonKF Sun 08-Nov-20 12:19:56

Library closures. Since last March I have bought about forty books online for very little, often at the cost of a coffee and a bun, sometimes at the price of a bar of chocolate. I have been able to follow up current interests and obtain books without waiting weeks or months for library requests. The problem is that I have far too many books already and even Oxfam will not take any without an appointment. I am trying to give away books as soon as read, but see few people to do this. A box reached a block of sheltered flats and was apparently received with joy. Sending books to landfill is an absolute no, no.

Granof412 Sun 08-Nov-20 12:20:37

Harrigran is correct, viruses and bacteria can live on any surface including books and paper, for many days. So it is logical to close the libraries.
This wouldn’t have been known in history!

Hetty58 Sun 08-Nov-20 12:22:05

MaggieTulliver, I find it quite ridiculous too. One thing's for sure, the departed certainly aren't there, just bones and ashes. It seems like a waste of good land to me!