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farview Mon 23-Nov-20 21:23:47

If,after this lockdown, we then go into Tier 3 will have a crippling financial impact on our region...Very very worrying...

farview Thu 26-Nov-20 16:24:53

No you haven't upset me dragonfly46...we are all just so bloody weary of it all and the disruption to every aspect of our lives....keep safe 🦋

Iam64 Thu 26-Nov-20 21:09:51

I think we're all weary of it and the last thing anyone needs is for us to fall out about which areas are having it toughest.

As for Andy Burnham. If he'd won the Labour leadership rather than Corbyn, the country would be in a much better state than it is.

suziewoozie Thu 26-Nov-20 21:45:28


Yep Lucca it is a disaster for Leicester. Even when restrictions were lifted elsewhere Leicester was in lockdown. Of course you haven't heard about it because a fuss has not been made.

C4 news tonight had a long item about Leicester and not for the first time. It’s the best ( of a bad lot) of news programmes. More in-depth, revisits stories when everyone else has moved on and forgotten all about them

growstuff Thu 26-Nov-20 22:23:08

Leicester has had an average of 53 new cases per 100,000 over the last 7 days, which is high. That's much higher than Liverpool (23) and Manchester (33).

Why is the incidence still so high, when the city has had tough restrictions for so long?

Casdon Thu 26-Nov-20 22:38:45

I used the actual daily updated PHW data by MSOA growstuff, which is the horse’s mouth for Covid data.!/vizhome/RapidCOVID-19virology-Public/Headlinesummary.

GrandmasueUK Thu 26-Nov-20 22:47:46


I think we're all weary of it and the last thing anyone needs is for us to fall out about which areas are having it toughest.

As for Andy Burnham. If he'd won the Labour leadership rather than Corbyn, the country would be in a much better state than it is.

I agree about AB (he used to be our MP).

I’m resigned to not seeing family this Christmas, as some of them live abroad and others in the London area. Apart from this, Tier 3 isn’t particularly affecting us, but I’m so sorry for businesses that are suffering and people who will be on their own. I’m pleased that there is a glimmer of light with a vaccine on the horizon. Hopefully by Easter things will be easier. We just have to be patient and careful a little longer.

Thank goodness for technology so we can at least spend time together virtually.

mancgirl Thu 26-Nov-20 22:49:01

You can tell from my name where I live. I too am weary of all this now. We have followed the rules, as have most people I know. Gutted to find we are in tier 3 even though our infection rate is lower than London. I understand it is to do with hospital beds in use rather than infection rate. Must have been having an off day, I felt like crying when I heard. Tier 2 does at least allow you to go for a meal out and support the local economy. Also happy to have Andy Burnham fight our corner.

growstuff Thu 26-Nov-20 22:49:31

That link doesn't work. Is it only Wales?

growstuff Thu 26-Nov-20 22:52:28

AFAIK Lawrence Gilder (whose link I posted) takes his data directly from NHSX, Public Health England, Public Health Wales and Public Health Scotland. They're easily accessible, which is why I use them.

What differences have you found?

Callistemon Thu 26-Nov-20 23:19:26


That link doesn't work. Is it only Wales?

The link didn't work for me either.

Gwyneth Thu 26-Nov-20 23:28:06

mancgirl a genuine question. Do you not think that if Andy Burnham had acted quicker and not tried to hold out for more money from the government things might have turned out differently?
I also got a shock today when we were put into Tier 3. I expected Tier 2. But trying to be positive and looking forward to the Spring.

Casdon Fri 27-Nov-20 08:10:43

Yes, it is just for Wales, it’s on the Public Health Wales Coronavirus page public tableau. You can look up on there to each MSOA (c7000 population) which is the reason I use it, as the devil’s in the detail and you can see exactly where the outbreak areas are on there. The only downside is that the rolling 7 day tab is three days behind the figures released at 2pm daily, which might be why there was a difference in the figures, it’s because it gives them time to align the post codes from the positive tests I assume? I’m sorry, I don’t know why the link didn’t work, as it was taken directly from the page.

Iam64 Fri 27-Nov-20 08:30:26

Gwyneth, in answer to the question you put to mancgirl - no I don't believe Andy Burnham's dispute with the government contributed to us being in tier 3. Well, not to any increase in the virus but possibly because Johnson holds grudges.

Alegrias2 Fri 27-Nov-20 08:33:56!/vizhome/RapidCOVID-19virology-Public/Headlinesummary

Working link for the site Casdon mentions.

Maggiemaybe Fri 27-Nov-20 09:13:58

I’m in West Yorkshire and we’ve had a rocky ride as well, with little publicity. All we can do is resign ourselves to our restricted lives and support our people when and how we can. We’re doing this by buying more locally and responding to appeals from our food banks and charities. Looking out for takeaway deals is one way of helping the hospitality industry. Our local pub is keeping going by selling them. I hope they can ride it out.

Alegrias2 Fri 27-Nov-20 09:28:58

I hope you don't mind me posting this in a thread about Manchester farview, but I think its relevant to the discussion.

Every week we get an updated publication of how the government in Scotland has decided what Level we're going to be in. Its very detailed and looks at all the indicators including positivity, forecast number of ICU beds required etc. Its probably easier in Scotland because we have fewer Local Authorities, but at least we can all see why a decision has been made. People still don't always agree of course, but the decision making does seem to be more transparent.

Does anyone know if this level of information is also available for England?

mancgirl Fri 27-Nov-20 09:30:13

Thank you Iam64. Nothing to do with increase in infection rates. The problem was the government cut off talks with Andy Burnham for 10 days, who was fighting to save jobs and defending our economy. Backed up by Sir Graham Brady, very influential Conservative northern MP