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Four positive tests

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Katyj Fri 27-Nov-20 07:35:14

Hi. My mum 89 has been in hospital for seven weeks recovering from a fall and high bp. She contracted covid and tested positive on the 1st of November, she has had 3 more positive tests the last one was yesterday. Their sending her home today with carers 3 times a day. I’m worried about being in close contact with her, although the hospital says she is not infectious, surely if she is still positive there is still some risk ?

PollyDolly Sun 29-Nov-20 08:15:37


Phoelbundle they know she is infectious, that’s why the carers will be wearing PPE. The fact that she’s still infectious doesn’t mean that she’s still ill though, so she doesn’t need to be in hospital, she will flourish much better in her home environment.

ALL Community Carers wear PPE regardless of the health condition of their clients! It is worn to protect the Carer AND the client!

Helen657 Sun 29-Nov-20 08:43:24

The Occ Therapist said they would try to get her tested before discharge, but no guarantees!
Like you, I was planning on staying over for mums first night at home “just in case”. I wouldn’t put it past her to try to get out of bed on her own!

Casdon Sun 29-Nov-20 08:45:29

I know carers all wear a level of PPE, but if somebody they are caring for is Covid positive they are informed before discharge from hospital to make sure the level of protection they use for everybody is adequate for that persons needs, and upgrade their mask if needed don’t they (that’s what happens where I am).

Katyj Sun 29-Nov-20 11:56:32

Helen. Mum tested positive on the day she was discharged, they still sent her home. She’s not too well today, doesn’t want to get out of bed, and in pain from her back. Best wishes to your mum ,i hope she’s okay I’m thinking this is going to be a long road to recovery.

Daftbag1 Mon 30-Nov-20 09:00:35

If she is already wired up for assistive technology, it's worth checking to see if there are any services available to help her (there are fall alerts, alerts that someone is getting out of beds, chairs, movement sensors etc. Some will be chargeable others not. (Help may be available from benevolent trusts, or councils)

Does your mum get benefits? It sounds as though she is entitled to Attendance allowance, which may in turn entitle her to increases to pension credit etc. The questions can seem to be very personal, but it's well worth her persevering. It's often best to get help with the money side of things. Your local CAB, Age UK, or if she or your father were ever involved with the armed forces (even just a day of national service), then she may have entitlement to help. There are also benevolent trusts set up to assist gentle townsfolk / ladies, these may help your mum to remain independently at home

Katyj Mon 30-Nov-20 14:36:53

Thank you Daftbag. She has had an increase in pension credits, since she claimed attendance allowance although the increases have to be used to pay for the carers , swings and roundabouts. She also has Telecare. Didn’t know about armed forces though etc. Lots to look into.

Helen657 Mon 30-Nov-20 16:41:34

Thanks. Hope your mum is a little better today. I think my mum is deluding herself that everything will return to “nearly” normal when she gets home, I think it will be very difficult, I just hope she accepts the 6 week care package gracefully - she was very quick to dismiss it after her hip replacement but this time she’s going to need it - and ongoing too.
Like yourself we’ll need to look into attendance allowance, but don’t think she can claim for 6 months ?
Good luck to you & your Mum xx

Katyj Mon 30-Nov-20 19:57:23

Hi, Helen
Yes your right about attendance allowance. Mum fell and broke her hip in June last year, it was just after Christmas when she started receiving it I think it was backdated but might be wrong. She’s a little better thanks, I’ve had the Dr out today as she has a lot of pain in her back and a UTI. whatever next, she’s on antibiotics and painkillers now, so hopefully it won’t be too long before she’s feeling better.
Mum was the same about accepting more care, she had 1 visit a day before, now 3, but she said today she couldn’t manage without them, and she really couldn’t she can’t stand long enough to make food or wash, she is very weak, but a fighter, bless her.