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Explanation of the vaccine rollout on BBC How to Vaccinate the World

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J52 Mon 07-Dec-20 13:39:45

This series, How to Vaccinate the World (on BBC radio 4, 11.30 am ) has been fascinating. Especially today’s episode which is a discussion on how the vaccine will be administered and how long it might take.

MawBe Mon 07-Dec-20 13:44:46

Really good!

J52 Mon 07-Dec-20 15:24:20

It’s obviously not going to be as quick or straightforward as we might think. It could take up to a year before the majority of people are vaccinated.
But, of course there are the easier to administer vaccines, becoming available.

Gill61 Wed 23-Dec-20 17:00:38

My 82 year old FIL with health problems was suppose to be vaccinated today only to be told today they have run out so can’t have it. So I looks like we will all have a long wait.

Ashcombe Thu 24-Dec-20 06:49:44

My cousin is a practice nurse in Oxon. Yesterday, she and her team, vaccinated 1160 patients during a 12 hour shift. Many patients said it was their best Christmas present ever.